"Only Thirty" Xu Huanshan derailed, and when Tong Yao was urged to divorce outside the play, Li Zefeng responded inexplicably sweet

In "Thirty Only", everyone’s emotional experience is extraordinary. So far, no one knows who the official match of the three heroines is, but what is certain is that the two married ladies have already had a relationship. When something happened, let’s take a look at Zhong Xiaoqin first. Xiao Xianrou was rejected in public courtship. In the notice, Zhong Xiaoqin learned that Chen Yu would return to Shanxi, so she took the car to chase him, but unexpectedly encountered an accident. In an emergency, Zhong Xiaoqin chose to give Chen Yu called, and when the two embraced each other sweetly, it made people feel very sweet. Then when Chen Yu applied medicine to Zhong Xiaoqin, she found that she was still wearing a wedding ring on her hand. The audience speculated that the two might remarry!

Gu Jia is the appearance that all women want to live. She succeeds in starting a business effortlessly. He has a caring husband and handsome son. Seeing his son being bullied, he beats back without hesitation and faces all kinds of people who want to be in position. Xiao San, Gu Jia was also able to drive away witty, and wanted to expand the company, so she quickly integrated into the circle of his wife. All the problems were not a problem for Gu Jia, but it was a pity that Gu Jia chose a selfish husband. I know how to be grateful, and I always like to avoid responsibilities. I always feel that my wife has too much control, but his wife is doing it for the good of the family. But when Lin Youyou said that all of this was set up by his wife, Xu Huanshan Suddenly realized that I wanted to live my life the way I like! This also formed two situations. Xu Huanshan respected his wife, but he was more of a low aura. When facing a junior year, he was gentle and hugged. His wife promoted him and he loved the money, but turned around to give Xiao San rented a house for a year, which is really chilling!


In the latest plot, when Lin Youyou launched a fierce pursuit of Xu Huanshan, most of the netizens realized that they wanted to take Xu Huanshan, just a matter of minutes, and finally Xu Huanshan fell, even The time spent with the children is spent fooling around with the small three. When the front and back feet and his wife go home, they are afraid of being found by the wife. They run the stairs home and let the children ride a horse to hide their breathlessness, but Gu Jia is not Stupid, in fact, she saw the problem, but she hadn't dismantled it. After all, the dangerous Gu Jia could be found from a single orange. How could she not notice the changes in her husband!

At this time, Gu Jia only needs to ask her son, when did her father come back, Xu Huanshan can’t pretend, but Gu Jia doesn’t. Maybe Gu Jia wants to use her own efforts to restore the marriage, but she ultimately failed. ! In the trailer, Xu Huanshan and Lin You have all kinds of intimacy and kisses. Lin Youyou still follows Xu Huanshan on business trips. I don't know what accidents will happen? Seeing Xu Huanshan so scumbag, netizens are looking forward to the scene of the divorce between the two!


It may be that netizens are too deep into the play. On the evening of July 31st, Tong Yao posted on social platforms: Today’s live broadcast everyone is asking when we two will get divorced It seems that nursery rhymes are also deeply influenced by the plot, and they are also hotly debated outside the play. Then Li Zefeng responded inexplicably sweet in the comment area: this family listens to you! I can see that the relationship between the two outside the play is still very good, but the relationship in the play makes many netizens hate their teeth. I really look forward to the moment when Xu Huanshan reveals his true face!

In the following plot, after Gu Jia discovered all this, he slapped Lin Youyou directly and warned him not to move his son. She turned around and asked for a divorce. Gu Jia has always been decisive and never hesitated. Presumably the same is true for divorce. When Gu Jia was present, Xu Huanshan was the boss of the company and could do his favorite firework design, but when Gu Jia left, Xu Huanshan was nothing!

For Lin Youyou, Xu Huanshan is only a momentary passion, and has not yet reached the point of love. Once Gu Jia leaves, Xu Huanshan’s life will undergo earth-shaking changes, and Xu Huanshan may wake up to himself by then. I love Gu Jia, and in the latest poster, Xu Huanshan holds a bouquet of roses in his hand, which seems to imply that the two did not separate in the end. What is the ending of the two? Let us look forward to it. !


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