Wang Zulan, who has been pampering his wife, recently overturned the car in "The Man Doing Housework". In the show, Wang Zulan exposed his machismo and bad temper. He has no patience with his wife Li Yanan and shows his affection on social platforms. When compared to the time, it is completely two-dimensional. On the contrary, Li Yanan has paid a lot for the family. He has to worry about big and small things. When facing Wang Zulan's unhappy, he has to take the initiative to apologize and swallow.

In the show, the dish rack Li Yanan bought became moldy because of dampness. After Wang Zulan saw it, he began to complain. In front of the camera, Wang Zulan didn't give Li Yanan any face. He kept saying that the dish rack was dirty and terrifying, and repeatedly emphasized that the kitchen was too dirty. Wang Zulan also emphasized to Li Yanan that things in the kitchen must be blanched with hot water. Li Yanan was very embarrassed and could only scratch his head.


Seeing Wang Zulan complaining that the dish rack kitchen at home is too dirty, Li Yanan also showed a very aggrieved expression on his face. However, Li Yanan was very patient and apologized to Wang Zulan, and praised Wang Zulan fortunately to find that the bowl rack was moldy. Seeing the conversation between Wang Zulan and Li Ya-nan, even Fu Seoul said that Li Ya-nan was too gentle and had a good temper.

Li Yanan has already apologized and praised Wang Zulan in the show, hoping that Wang Zulan's mood can improve, but this seems to be of no use, and Wang Zulan is still by the side. Wang Zulan said that the dish rack was so dirty and terrible, and he directed Li Yanan to wash the dish rack and bowls.


Originally, Li Yanan and Wang Zulan were a little unpleasant because of the moldy dish racks, and the atmosphere was a bit embarrassing. Wang Zulan didn’t seem to want to ease the atmosphere, and kept complaining about why Li Yanan hadn’t cleaned the things. Can't be used. Li Yanan was obviously frightened by Wang Zulan's angry complaining, and said directly that he was afraid of Wang Zulan now. But Wang Zulan, who heard his wife's fear, didn't react at all, and then lost his temper at Li Yanan. Wang Zulan had such a big temper for such a small matter. It was a bit too much to refuse to give up after Li Yanan apologized.

Wang Zulan also praised Li Yanan for the feeling of his mother and grandmother in the show. Although Li Yanan was smiling on his face, he seemed to be very bitter in his heart. For Wang Zulan's praise, Li Yanan also realized that he was giving up everything for his family. It can be seen that Wang Zulan is still very traditional and hopes that Li Yanan can return to the family after getting married.


In this way, Wang Zulan is really a machismo. After all, Li Yanan was once a beauty pageant champion and filmed a lot of TV series, but he has to return to his family after marriage. Wang Zulan is very unaware of her male chauvinism. In the studio, she asks herself such a big man?

It seems that the way of getting along in the show also reflects the daily life of Wang Zulan and Li Yanan. This way of getting along is unexpected to the audience.

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