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students will certainly be able to better deal with household dust and environmental pollution problems, but people for dust removal its function of the main role is not very grasp, so we today finger butler to analyze in detail for the big guys some of the vacuum cleaner has a very good role, expect themselves to be able to carry out to assist the big guys stronger We look forward to assisting you in mastering and employing vacuum cleaners. Understanding vacuum cleaners and their functions The vacuum cleaner's main Vacuum Cleaner Manufacturing Companystructure is as follows: Vacuum cleaners are divided into three sections: dust removal, dust removal, and dust removal principle, which includes a series excitation motor commutator motor, centrifugal fan, dust filter (bag), and dust removal accessories. Dust and other dirt enter the dust collection bag in the vacuum cleaner's main bag via the carpet or floor brush, long docking, elbow, hose, and hose joint. The air is filtered and purified before being discharged from the body's end. Classification of vacuum cleaners: Vacuum cleaners are classified as barrel vacuum cleaners, horizontal vacuum cleaners, and handheld vacuum cleaners. 

Barrel vacuum cleaner for large institutions, restaurants, factories, construction sites, offices, and other public places; horizontal vacuum cleaner, furniture or business part of the cleaning options; handheld vacuum cleaner, intelligent and convenient, can be used to clean bookcases, furniture, closets, appliances, cars, and other places with dust. Vacuum cleaners are useful - vacuum cleaners are useful. Vacuum cleaner principle: in order to understand the role of a vacuum cleaner, it is necessary to first discuss its work management principle, vacuum cleaner work analysis principle to carry out or quite complicated, it is through the use of an electric motor as a push impeller high-speed development of operation, so that Roller blindthe dust collector room to produce an important part of the use of vacuum. With the dust collector outdoor activities to produce a standard as well as air pressure difference caused cyclone dust with the cyclone together with the dust collector room, dust will be stored with the dust collector room, discharged out of the clean environment air after consideration. Vacuuming: As long as the particles are small, small things can be taken away and swept away! 

This is accomplished by omitting the destination. Staff should not reach the residual area because it cannot absorb dust like a dedicated vacuum tool. These vacuuming purposes include ceiling ceilings, overhead cobwebs, fan dust, curtain cloth, outside blind curtainbalcony glass dust, bed dust, sewage residue, and other dirty things (such as chopsticks, spoons). I am convinced that, based on the functions and various types of vacuum cleaners described above, different vacuum cleaners have different effects. If we want to buy and use a vacuum cleaner, we can select the best one for our particular situation to ensure good cleaning results.

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