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The operation mode of the air fryer is simple. The manufacturer’s main product can taste less oil and healthy crispy texture in a few seconds by adding ingredients. It has successfully captured the hearts of housewives. It seems that "as long as there is an air fryer, everyone can It’s the God of Cooking.” Discussions about gas fryer have been rushed in major forums, Air Fried Chicken Wings(無激素雞翼),and many YouTubers have also sent a burst of hot videos out of the box, but is the gas fryer really so good? Before purchasing, there are some things you should know.

Fried food is not only easy to burden the body, but also may produce harmful substances acrylamide. Acrylamide is usually produced in the process of frying, baking, grilling, roasting, and roasting foods that are processed at a high temperature of over 120 degrees Celsius, especially starchy foods, not to mention that the air fryer is as high as 180 degrees Celsius. Li Wanping’s nutritionist suggests that if you eat fried foods, you can eat more fruits and vegetables containing phytochemicals to help your body resist oxidation, such as green vegetables, vitamin C-rich oranges, oranges, kiwifruit, guava or bitter gourd to reduce inflammation. .

How to fry the gas fryer without oil?

Many operators often use "healthier than frying" as their selling point for air fryers because they use less oil. Through high-temperature heat convection, they not only maintain the crispy crust of the food, but also retain the tender and juicy taste. Although it is called an "air fryer", it is actually more like a "small oven". First, the hidden lamp in the machine is heated to make the temperature in the pot rise rapidly, and then the hot air is moved through the fan to generate 360-degree circulating heat convection.

The space of the air fryer is smaller than that of a general oven, which allows the air to move faster; plus the holes at the bottom of the frying basket, the food is evenly heated in all directions, thereby speeding up the cooking process. The reason why an air fryer can make cooking with less oil is because under the pressure of high temperature, the water on the surface of the food can be quickly evaporated by the baking method, forming a crispy crust, which produces an effect similar to frying. If the food material contains oil, it can dissolve the excess fat and reduce the intake of excessive calories. The container under the basket will collect the oil.

possible advantages of using an air fryer for cooking

1. Fried food becomes healthier

Frozen foods such as chicken nuggets, onion rings, chicken wings, and French fries can be made into low-fat fried foods without a lot of cooking oil, which can reduce calorie intake and eat healthier.

2. Fast and convenient

The cooking speed and convenience of an air fryer is different from that of a traditional oven. There is no need to wait for the oil temperature to rise, and it can rise to hundreds of degrees in just a few minutes. The air convection in the air fryer continuously circulates, which can quickly cook the food and evenly heat each side without stir-frying.

3. Small size and versatility

The air fryer body is light and small, does not take up too much space in the kitchen, and has all the functions of frying, baking, and frying. The closed cooking method will not produce oily smoke and will not cause a large amount of remaining oil, which is far safer than frying.


What do vegans eat in place of chicken?

Alternatives to Chicken That Are Vegetarian Tofu. Tofu can be substituted for practically any sort of meat and is an excellent vegetarian option in most dishes. It is perhaps the most well-known alternative to chicken in the world. Sprouts and beans.... It's nuts. Meat made from plants. ... potatoes. Seitan.

What are the drawbacks of an air fryer?

They offer deep-fried deliciousness without the oil and are adaptable and simple to use. But they do have drawbacks, just like any product. They have a little cooking capacity, are hefty, and are challenging to clean.

Does KFC use chicken that is antibiotic-free?

Policy on the Use of Antibiotics at Kentucky Fried Chicken Chicken raised at KFC was not given medically necessary antibiotics.

Do almonds lower estrogen levels?

Almonds from the original sample had the most estrogenic activity (p less than 0.01), which was corroborated by a repeat of the experiment (p less than 0.01), however other almond samples studied later revealed no estrogenic activity.

Can you eat the bones from chicken wings?

Additional micronutrients Since bones are living tissues, much like the meat we consume, they are abundant in essential micronutrients for our bodies. Elements, particularly calcium and phosphorus, as well as sodium, magnesium, and other trace minerals, are abundant in bone.

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