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Small kitchen decorating ideas that are full of unexpected and interesting details

A nice color can transform a room. This small kitchen did not used to look as lovely and stylish as it does now. It had cream-colored cabinets and gray worktops before FCStudio's FlavioCastro renovation, and the overall look was outdated and cluttered. The new design is a bright turquoise color that covers cabinets design It's also simpler and more modern, and the smooth surfaces really bring out this lovely color.

When there isn't a lot of space, it's often practical to put a kitchen in a corner. LenaLiseva, for example, designed a small apartment in Moscow. The kitchen is small, crammed into a corner with its own little space, but it feels like it belongs in the living room. The minimalist design incorporates large storage cabinets, no visible hardware, and smooth light gray surfaces.

The kitchen can be a hindrance at timeskitchen design, especially if it is part of an open floor plan or opens up to another space with a different function. That's why we love that this small kitchen can be completely hidden away. It can vanish and remain hidden behind these sleek white doors when not in use. This is a large wall unit that is ideal for this casual dining area. Archistudio architects Andrew and Darya Zhlobich created this design.

Another very cool design by Studio Bazi for a small apartment in Moscow. They built a custom closet out of oak that runs the length of the wall. It doesn't appear to be anything out of the ordinary until you open the door and discover the kitchen and the clothes to be washed hidden inside. It's a unique way to incorporate a small kitchen into the apartment, making it easy to access and hide so that guests don't notice the clutter.

This is the interior of Akb Studio's fashionable boathouse. It is a vacation home with a very casual and laid-back atmosphere. As you can see, the living room and kitchen are combined in an unusual way. The kitchen cabinets are transformed into a media console for the TV and a multifunctional unit. Except for a few floating shelves, there isn't much extra furniture.

Of course, some sacrifices had to be made when the kitchen was still small. There was insufficient space for all of the equipment, and working space was limited. Nonetheless, it has adequate storage space, and the design makes good use of the available space in the corners. The color scheme is also appropriate for such a small space. The apartment is only 25 square meters in size.

This is another good example of a small but funky and stylish kitchen. We like how the square white tiles on the walls contrast with theGas Hob wooden countertops. Furthermore, the light gray cabinets have a simple modern design with a splash of color. There are no dividing walls in this apartment, so all of the spaces are connected.

The kitchen itself is small, but there is plenty of open space around it. There is very little space between the heating plate and the sink, but a drop-leaf table provides extra space when needed. When folded down, the table appears to be a sleek island or console, cleverly placed between the kitchen and seating corners.

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