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First, new energy vehicles to accelerate the development of your industry.

In recent years, with the increasingly serious environmental pollution and energy crisis, countries around the world have accelerated the pace of new energy distribution industry. Among them, new energy vehicles have become the strategic focus of many countries to develop the industry. New energy vehicles have been widely used at home and abroad for their advantages of energy saving, environmental protection, low cost,battery pilot machine rapid acceleration, low noise and so on. New energy vehicles have been listed as China's national key support areas.

As one of the three core components of new energy vehicles, power battery accounts for the highest proportion in the cost of the whole vehicle. Power battery safety, cost, energy storage capacity directly determines the performance of the vehicle, the development of new energy vehicles plays a very important role!

Power car battery for laser through the welding technology process mainly includes a shell package, according to the different development of their own position can be divided into the top cover, bottom cover and side of the welding, top cover explosion-proof sheet and safety cover welding, sealing nails welding, core lugs and the welding of the top cover.

Second, the advantages of laser welding

Due to the power battery welding parts, welding difficulty, welding precision requirements, the traditional welding method is difficult to meet the current production requirements. Laser welding technology has the advantages of fast welding speed, high precision,battery laser welding machine low loss of welding material, small deformation of the welded workpiece, welding quality and so on, which can greatly improve the safety and reliability of the power battery. Laser welding is currently the main method of power battery welding, and has played a positive role in promoting the development of power batteries!

Concentrated energy, high welding efficiency, high processing precision, weld depth to width ratio. The laser beam is easy to focus, align and be guided by optics and can be placed at an appropriate distance from the workpiece and can be redirected between fixtures or obstacles around the workpiece. Due to the space constraints mentioned above, other welding rules do not work.

Small heat input, small heat-affected zone, small residual stress and deformation of the workpiece, welding energy can be precisely controlled, welding effect is stable, welding appearance is good;.

Non-contact welding, fiber optic transmission, good accessibility, high degree of automation.battery packing machine There is no remelting trouble like arc welding when welding thinner materials or wires with finer diameters. Because the power battery uses the electric cell to follow the "lightweight" principle, usually made of lighter aluminum, need to be made thinner. General requirements of the shell, cover, bottom in 1.0 mm or less, the current mainstream manufacturers of the basic material thickness of about 0.8 mm.

Can provide high-strength welding for the development of a variety of different material combinations for the enterprise, especially in the conduct of welding between copper materials and aluminum materials when we are more scientific and effective. This is the only way in China to weld electroplated nickel onto copper.

Laser Welding Machine for Power Battery Explosion-proof Valve Cover Assembly

The system is equipped with a 4-station precision rotary table with a welding speed of 50mmu002Fs and a working rhythm of not less than 50 pieces per minute. Equipped with several sensors to detect whether the workpiece is taken out after welding and whether there is a lack of material before welding, which plays an intelligent anti-dumbing effect.

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