Online detection and classification of tap water appearance defects based on magnetic ring vision

Magnetic ring most electronic components industry has a very wide range of applications, electronic control circuits commonly used anti-interference components, for high frequency noise has a very good inhibition effect. In the magnetic ring manufacturing enterprises manufacturing development process, vision system companies often due to social production and living environment, manufacturing process and other factors, will inevitably cause the surface of the magnetic ring appear various different types of defects. For China's traditional artificial intelligence detection of low efficiency, high cost, low detection accuracy shortcomings, the quality of the magnetic ring directly through the impact of our company's product brand culture image.

Magnetic ring appearance inspection sorting machine, usually automatic or semi-automatic online visual inspection of magnetic ring appearance size and quality screening visual inspection sorting machine, commonly used magnetic material inspection equipment such as:automated inspection system, optical vision screening machine, AI visual inspection equipment, online pipeline CCD visual inspection equipment, mainly through a small industrial assembly line (or vibrating tray) product CCD industrial camera Near the sensor feedback signal to start the industrial camera on the target inspection product image shooting, and then the image pixel density, brightness, color and other information into a digital signal, and then by the image processing system through a variety of algorithms to extract the target features in real time (such as surface defects features), in the visual inspection system preset value of the tolerance range of the distinction between OK/Ng, so as to achieve the automatic detection of the product's appearance and quality.

What is the general detection of magnetic materials? What can be checked? What can't be checked? What problems need to pay attention to?

Usually, the dimensions are checked: length, width, height, inner and outer diameters. Appearance: deformation, indentation, burr, lack of material, gap, dirty and other magnetic materials belong to the fragile here to pay attention to the secondary damage to the product.

Magnetic nanomaterials for defect detection technology equipment, can be roughly divided into seven management systems are machine systems, automatic visual inspection system,imaging information systems, light source control systems, computing and processing systems, loading systems, rejection systems, network environment signal transmission service system, the seven systems mainly contain multi-disciplinary, so that a CCD magnetic materials exist defect detection as well as the equipment is a set of multiple engineers wisdom of the equipment, so the CCD magnetic material quality defect detection equipment is also called industrial quality inspection robot by many small and medium-sized enterprises.

The advantages and effects of machine learning vision:

1. Replacement of manual inspection: machine vision can replace manual inspection in the industrial production industry, its non-contact and high-precision advantages incomparable to manual;.

2. Improve work efficiency: In the assembly line repeated mechanized inspection process, manual inspection is easy to fatigue, resulting in a decline in inspection efficiency, while machine vision can greatly improve inspection efficiency without rest, or even more than ten times the manual inspection;

3. Reduce costs: machine vision is a one-time investment that can reduce long-term investment in labor and management costs of industrial production. At the same time, the detection speed is faster, lower unit product costs

4. Improve quality: machine vision compared to manual, inspection accuracy is higher, while you can avoid the error value caused by artificial emotions, improve inspection accuracy, and further improve product quality;

Improve the degree of enterprise digitization: machine vision technology can be automatically backed up by all the inspection results data, and we can at the same time according to the copy or to the network information connection to copy, to facilitate the process of production activities statistics and analysis. With the development of the Chinese market, for many of our country manufacturing industry, in human resources investment is also more and more big, and also can not reach the expected results, at this time, for the manufacturer, choose to use the machine to replace the manual labor may be a student more efficient method.

In modern industrial production, product quality inspection and manufacturing quality control is crucial. In the optical inspection and control of quality, many areas of inspection and control are applied to the manufacturing industry, in order to improve production efficiency and control of the production process, improve product quality, statistical product data information data to be analyzed.

In some cases where artificial vision is difficult to meet the requirements, machine vision instead of artificial vision; at the same time, in the process of large-scale industrial production, artificial vision to check product quality is inefficient and inaccurate, and machine vision inspection methods can greatly improve the production of production efficiency and the degree of intelligent manufacturing. Application of machine vision to realize information integration is the basic technology of computer integrated manufacturing. The integration of deep learning algorithms can distinguish defects, dirt, abnormal labels and characters, and simulate human visual inspection while running a visual inspection system.

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