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How to choose laser cutting machine?

New day laser cutting machine laserpecker 2 pro.

How to choose laser cutting machine? With the development of science and technology, laser technology has matured, and laser has been widely used in all fields of life. Because of the diversification of the market, there are more and more brands and types of laser cutting machines, giving customers more choices. At the same time, some customers don't know how to choose laser cutting machines laserpecker 1. In fact, you only need to pay attention to a few points when choosing a laser cutting machine. Let's see what these points are.

First, the choice of models laser cutter.

The purchase of laser cutting machine needs to process the product material, thickness, cutting product quality, cutting speed requirements, the first decision to buy the type of equipment, is a flame, plasma, CNC flame or plasma dual-use.

Second, the configuration choice

According to the material and processing requirements of the processed products, especially the processing thickness and piercing ability, the configuration of the CNC laser cutting machine is selected. For example, the power of plasma, the configuration of pull rod torch. It is particularly important to note that the cutting thickness of plasma power supply is not the thickness for effective perforation and effective cutting. Perforation technology and technology of flame thick plate and effective plasma perforation are the keys to cutting thickness of NC laser cutting machine.

Third, check the stability of the machine.

Numerical control system is an important part of laser cutting machine, it determines the value of equipment, but also the selection of machine tool one of the key factors. The stability of CNC system is determined by its hardware performance, and the cutting quality and efficiency of CNC laser cutting machine is determined by the quality of control software.

Fourth, the quality and accuracy of the machine.

After determining the model and structure, the quality and precision of the laser cutting machine can be observed. Numerical control laser cutting machine airport structure, gear quality, machine installation grounding, precision calibration of laser cutting machine, these are factors affecting the quality of laser cutting machine.

Fifth, observe the cutting quality and efficiency of the machine.

Cutting quality and speed can be directly seen, the use of the end-user is also decisive, is to evaluate the overall performance of a laser cutting machine is the key. This user can go directly to the factory site visit, but also can ask the factory to cut some samples, observe the cutting quality and speed. What is the choice of laser cutting machine? The above is“How to choose a laser cutting machine?”? Note, this is the new day laser in many years of research and development, production and sales, if you choose according to the above requirements, you will buy the right product.

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