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If people want to buy products to use vacuum cleaners, students will certainly be able to better deal with household dust and environmental pollution problems, but people for dust removal its function of the main role is not very grasp, best wet and dry cordless vacuum cleanerso we today finger butler to analyze in detail for the big guys some of the vacuum cleaner has a very good role, expect themselves to be able to carry out to assist the big guys stronger We look forward to assisting you in mastering and employing vacuum cleaners.

Understanding vacuum cleaners and their functions

A vacuum cleaner's primary structure is as follows: A vacuum cleaner's key consists of three parts: dust removal, dust removal, and dust collector principle, which typically consists of a tandem motor commutator motor, centrifugal fan, dust collector (bag), and dust removal accessories. Dust and other dirt enter the filter bag via the carpet or floor brush, long head, elbow, hose joint, dust and other dirt remain in the primary bag, air is filtered and purified, and then discharged from the body's end.

Vacuum cleaners for classification: vacuum cleaners' key technology allows them to be classified as barrel vacuum cleaners, horizontal vacuum cleaners, and handheld vacuum cleaners. Barrel vacuum cleaner, suitable for our large state agencies, cultural institutions, construction units, hotel management restaurants, factories, construction project sites, office work, and other public service places; horizontal vacuum cleaner, Extendable Curtain Trackhome furniture or business development part of the use of cleaning when selected; handheld vacuum cleaner, available to clean bookcases, home furniture, closets, electrical appliances, cars, and other dust, deli

Vacuum cleaner operation - vacuum cleaner operation

Vacuum cleaner principle: mastering the function of a vacuum cleaner begins with understanding how it works. A vacuum cleaner's operation is quite complicated. To create a local vacuum inside the dust collection chamber, it uses a motor to drive the impeller at high speed. The cyclonic dust is sucked into the dust collector chamber along with the cyclone due to the standard air pressure difference generated outside the dust collector. Following careful consideration, the dust is retained in the dust collector chamber and clean air is discharged.

Vacuum: As long as there are small particles present, small things can be removed and swept away! This is accomplished by removing the destination. Cannot absorb dust like a dedicated vacuum tool, and staff should avoid residual areas. Such as ceiling ceilings, overhead cobwebs, fan dust, curtain cloth, outside balcony glass dust, bed dust, sewage residue, and other dirty things (such as chopsticks, spoons) vacuuming (in addition to solar blindwater to dry) these purposes.

I am convinced that, based on the functions and various types of vacuum cleaners described above, we can see that different vacuum cleaners have different effects. If we want to buy and use a vacuum cleaner, we can select the best one for our specific situation to ensure good cleaning results.

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