Recommended majors with good employment prospects for college students

The first category is the development of mature majors, such as wood and civil construction, mechanical and electrical, chemical and other majors, which are characterized by a sound knowledge system and high social application, but the industry development is more stable, the amount of talent is also very stable, there is no burst, that is, into which, is stable.

The second category is the social development-driven professional. For example, artificial intelligence, new energy, big data, etc. This kind of profession is characterized by the knowledge system is still in the development period, the speed of knowledge iteration, that is, to have the spirit of living and learning, to constantly update their knowledge reserves, to meet the changes in technology. This kind of profession is hot, because the development speed is fast, the society has a large amount of talents, and the income level will be higher.


Here I hope you all focus on a few professional directions.

First, artificial intelligence-related, this is a professional group, in addition to artificial intelligence, there are smart manufacturing and intelligent transformation of the new engineering profession. Human beings have been sparing no effort on the way to liberate themselves to enhance productivity, so this kind of profession is in line with the inevitable social development.

Second, computer-related, in fact, big data majors should be classified as computer-related, can also be called Internet-related, now is the Internet plus all, computer technology has been closely embraced with all walks of life. It can be said that all walks of life are in the transformation of the Internet, computerization. The control part of the artificial intelligence is also through the computer, so the cross interaction between the professions is very close. People may think that the computer profession has been popular for more than ten years, Internet companies are now laying off, but from the employment point of view, computer-related positions are still the most, the employment rate is still the highest, the income level is also on the high side. There is no stopping momentum for future development prospects, just a stable process after each rapid development stage, which should be accepted.


Third, new energy and energy power category. This is about the sustainable development of mankind. The more technology advances, the more we feel the importance of energy. The more we hope to have more sustainable and clean new energy to be applied, now in the field of new energy the hottest should be the field of vehicles, not only cars, but also aerospace. These are the application direction of new energy and power class.

Fourth, the field of biotechnology, this field is easy to be ignored, but in reality it is very important and concerns the people's livelihood, especially the application of biotechnology in two areas deserves attention, one is medicine, the other is food, during the epidemic, we have a deep experience of these two parts of the estimate, more intuitive understanding. Such an important professional field is not as good as the above three in terms of social awareness, so the talent gap is also very large, and the future development space is huge.

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