Household Management Routines

First: Make all your chores routine.

Determine what needs to be done in the morning, at dusk, at the weekend, at the end of the month, and don't get hung up on what to do, just follow the rules and do it.

Ryoko, the mother of 2 children, has a clean and tidy home, with every corner sparkling. Looking at her home like this, many people think that Ryoko is not cleaning all day long, but this is because she has set up a routine for her household chores.

Ryoko has set up a routine that she feels is not hard work and does not take time. If you make it a routine, you don't have to think about "this and that must be done", you just have to follow the rules and do it. If you're always thinking about what you have to do, or worrying about not getting it done, you'll be anxious.

But if you break down your chores, "visualise" them, and schedule them at the right time of day, they will be easy to do. This is what Ryoko does with her routine.

By assigning tasks first, and then following the routine later to see what happens, and then changing it if you feel uncomfortable, you can get a "step-by-step" routine that suits you. That way, you have a "routine" that you can do with your eyes closed.

Even if you can get something done quickly, it can be tiring to think, "Oh, I don't want to do that". This routine will make it easy for you to get things done.

Secondly, don't be greedy and think, "I'll do better".

"Once she understood this, Ryoko began to think about how she could make herself happy.

She believes that it is more important than small portable vacuum cleaner anything else to concentrate on housework and make some time for herself during the day, not just to hold on and put up with work, housework and children, but to make time to "enjoy life".

L said that this point impressed him a lot!

Thirdly, don't do anything that is too much trouble.

There are things that you don't force yourself to do. It's important to make your own decisions and to know when to stop. This will make the "must do" things go more smoothly.

For example, if you can't make your own soup, you can't make your own snacks.

Fourthly, make your chores more efficient.

In order to keep your home "tidy", consider what tricks you can do to make even "someone as bad as me" stick to it.

Ryoko keeps a kitchen drawer with scraps of unwanted towels for disposable use. She saves time by not using rags and throwing them away when she's done.

Ms Yoshiko's cleaning routine is like this: she cleans when there are not too many stains, so that it does not take too much time and is less difficult to clean, and she feels relaxed inside and does not need to be distressed.

Fifthly, do not force yourself to do the housework alone, but also let your husband and children help.

Yoshiko women don't want to be "strict nagging mothers" who repeat the same words every day: "Have you finished your homework?" "Have you finished your homework?" "Have you sorted out your things?" So she makes some allocations. She made reports of what the children were supposed to do and a "rating scale" of how well they had done it.

Doing homework, helping with chores, getting ready for school, and so on, she made a list of things to do each day, and at the end of the day the child circled it or added ? , and when it's all done they can play - that's the rule.

Ryoko women find it important to let their children take control of what they have to do themselves.

Communicate directly and openly with your husband, and be clear to him about what you want him to do. When you let your husband do something, try not to interfere with him, let him do it the way he sees and does it, as long as he shares some of the household work and doesn't go on the harsh side, he is released himself.

To let go in this way is also satisfying, satisfying for the children, the husband and yourself.

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