Wine tasting mainly depends on the color

What is the main function of collecting wine tasting hong kong the female color? The purpose is to better look at the wine is not a quality change, to distinguish the age of wine. How to properly look at the female color it, we can red wine will be rushed to the light effect to see the red wine clear brightness, if the female color response, that the red wine quality is no problem. Then we can then place the wine glass on the cream bottom edge of the tablecloth or toilet paper to watch the female color, how to watch the female color it?

We need to look at the red wine in 5g nb the cup edge of the hue, take the semi-dry dry white wine, if the female color is ruby red or cherry red, it shows that the red wine is still in the growth period, if the color of red wine to show light brown is an indication that the wine has reached the peak into the decline stage, if the color of the wine quality is to show orange or brick red or even curry is an indication that the red wine has reached the end of its life Aging period, it is also possible that this red wine has been quality change.

So it is very critical to identify hk mtr the age of red wine from the observation of the female color. The guys can try to look at their own collection of so many years has not been able to drink the wine, it is likely that in the case you do not give up the wine has gradually geological change is not known. But to prompt a little is to see if the red wine liquid is not in response to the color of the water body must be viewed under fluorescent lights, other lighting effects are likely to interfere with the transformation of the red wine wine quality tone.

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