Patients with phenylketonuria, what clinical symptoms will appear, look at these two points

1. Delayed growth and development

Patients with phenylketonuria will have problems with growth and development, pku guidelines resulting in low intelligence and lagging behind. Compared with people of the same age, the phenomenon of delayed development is more serious.

It usually occurs at the ninth month of life, and in severe cases, speech impairment may occur. As the condition continues to worsen, mental retardation becomes progressively worse, making it very dangerous.

Sedation is also affected in Phenylketonuria, as patients with Phenylketonuria may experience brain atrophy, which can lead to malformations.

Some symptoms manifest as convulsions, or recurrent seizures. Severe cases may also have epilepsy, which then resolves with age.

Affects the patient's personality

Gradually, the patient's personality and swallowing will be affected, or the patient's eyelids, chin, jaw, etc., and the patient's skin and hair will show some special manifestations.

In patients with phenylketonuria, the skin is dry and the patient may develop rare symptoms such as rashes. If the patient's tyrosine synthase system is inhibited, the patient's melanin formation will be particularly low, making the patient's hair yellow and pale.

Phenylketonuria itself is a relatively rare disease, but it is also a genetic disease that needs to be prevented again in order to better prevent the occurrence of phenylketonuria.

In order to better prevent the occurrence of phenylketonuria, a medical examination and genetic counseling should be performed before marriage, and patients with phenylketonuria must actively cooperate with their doctors during the treatment process if they have phenylketonuria.

This is the only way to restore the patient's health and improve the quality of life.

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