Medical machinery service project industry chain will enter the fast road!

IntroductionIn recent years, the hris software worldwide pharmaceutical industry has become more and more fierce competition, the division of responsibilities of the whole industry chain has become more and more obvious, and more and more pharmaceutical industries gradually entrust their product development and production and processing projects to other technical professional enterprises.

In recent years, the worldwide wireless noise cancelling earbuds pharmaceutical industry has become more and more intense, and the division of responsibilities of the whole industry chain has become more and more pronounced, and more and more pharmaceutical industries are gradually entrusting their own product development and production and processing projects to other technical professional enterprises. "Let the professional people, do technical professional things" to speed up the introduction of new drugs and new medical machinery and the development trend of socialization. Along with the promulgation of China's system and the rapid development trend of the medical machinery industry chain, China's pharmaceutical and medical machinery CRO & CDMO field has also entered an explosive period. The article will analyze and explain the medical machinery CRO & CDMO field from the market Yang situation, bottleneck problems, future opportunities and other areas.

The medical machinery industry medical device prototype chain is a multidisciplinary crossover, expertise gathering, asset-intensive high-tech industry that concerns the life and health of all human beings, and the degree of its development indicates the overall strength of a country and the level of scientific and technological progress development trend. 2019 worldwide medical machinery industry chain business scale to $451.9 billion, an increase of 5.6% year-on-year. From the world's population aging, per capita life expectancy, urbanization development and other development trends, it seems that the market demand is still in the trend of growth. 2019 China's medical equipment market capacity of about 625.9 billion yuan RMB, an increase of 18% year-on-year, significantly faster than the world growth rate and its China's other industry average growth rate. China has become the world's leading producer of medical machinery, in a variety of low- and medium-grade goods industry, production volume is firmly in the world's first.

At this stage in China's medical machinery categories, quality and technical spacing capitalist countries also have a large difference; close to 70% of medical machinery rely on imported, the application of very high costs. China's medical equipment ratio (medical machinery and drug trading data information comparison) is only 1:0.35, far less than the world average 1:0.7 and capitalist countries 1:0.98. In China's pharmaceutical industry at this stage is a more fragmented industry concentration; companies pay more attention to marketing and product development, the lack of independent innovation capabilities, scientific research machinery and equipment and basic standards are not enough; manufacturing and product quality management capacity is not very high, the key raw materials, technical more dependent on the current situation given according to imitation or import. But in the huge buying population and government agencies actively support, in China's medical machinery sales market in the future development of indoor space is extremely wide, the future of the situation in the next two years like that will certainly be slowly get rid of.


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