When it comes to the automatic coffee machine, most people think of it as delong, Hike, Galemei and other brands for home and office use. High-end commercial coffee machines such as WMF for Familymart imported from Germany and Starbucks; THEM&PLAN and other high-end automatic brands.

Advantages and disadvantages of commercial full-automatic coffee machines

As we all know, Familymart is a fast supermarket, which can drink about 200 cups a day, and some better can reach 500 cups. Fully automatic coffee machine can completely save the salary of a coffee machine, which is between 50,000 yuan and 100,000 yuan a year. The salary of baristas will naturally fluctuate depending on their qualifications.

In addition, the automatic coffee machine can quantify the amount of coffee powder per cup of coffee machine, setting the brewing time, the number of milliliters of milk, and the amount of air sucked into the milk foam. You can make every cup of coffee is a taste, not because of personnel change and different quality problems. So it's stable, labor-saving, and fast!

But it also has a bad place, the more sophisticated machine, maintenance is more trouble, and more prone to failure!

For example, it must be cleaned every day, or it will not work the next day, its powder box full after the need to pour out, or there will always be an error message, so that people can not prevent!

In particular, after being left unused for a period of time, there will be a series of problems such as expansion and blockage of coffee grounds. In this regard, the semi-automatic coffee machine has many advantages!

In the end, if you have the volume and don't want to hire a barista, then a fully automatic is definitely for you, but if not, buy a semi-automatic!

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