smart module

The first thing I want to establish is that this question should be a matter of imagining that the car can achieve what we want with the existing technological capabilities. Being able to do some of smart module the tasks that we want to accomplish at our command. The ability to detect dangers that are going to happen without our knowledge and prevent them in advance. You can use the electrical entertainment devices in the car and cell phone networking, the device can control the cell phone, the cell phone can control the car, etc. This is the smart car. The premise of all intelligence is the start of manual instructions, and the result of all intelligence is to serve the car owner, which is done in a safe, fast, convenient and thematic way.

There are many intelligent systems working in the car now, but each model has its own independent product. It can also be said that the intelligent systems of all models are synthesized and are the most intelligent cars in the reality stage.

The whole car needs to be protected by a 360-degree detection system, both driving and parking.

The vehicle's electronic navigation detects a blockage ahead and calculates the time to pass as fast as possible, or finds a refuge route to inform the driver.

The cell phone replaces the remote control of the car, and the cell phone is used to find the car, or instruct the car to find the owner, and the cell phone is used to instruct the car to lead us through the task like a guide dog, and the cell phone is used to instruct the completion of our unmanned work.

The multimedia screen of the car is not in a fixed position, but in the space to lift the hand to touch. He can operate all the work on the cell phone computer, networked with the cell phone computer at any time.

All car devices have language switch function, which can free your hands.

Intelligent system is like your sixth sense, which can sense your thoughts and remind you in time with language.

All intelligent systems are at the forefront of information technology, all connected to the Internet, only what people can't think of, no car can't do.

All intelligent systems are powerful, powerful, he is also for human service, human command is the most authoritative, only, only obey the human command is the most intelligent. All intelligent development is inseparable from the development of science and technology, so that science and technology classes continue to work safely, quickly and easily.

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