5G and Telematics wipe update the fire seedling vehicle-road collaboration independent innovation type development trend

Telematics involves many industry chains such as automobile, electronic devices, information and communication, public transportation, etc. It is in the important link of accelerated development, and Telematics has also received great attention from various fields and government departments and research organizations. He shared his insights on Telematics with the keynote speech "5G and Telematics combined with reform and innovation" in the 5G scenario marketing discussion salon "5G Disruptive Innovation Commercial Landing", which was co-organized by Yeo and Jingdong Distribution.

Ge Yuming, director engineer of the China Academy of Information and Communication Research, sent in his speech: "Today's report is the combination of 5G and Telematics innovation, although at this stage of social development there are different ways of calling Telematics, autonomous driving, intelligent networked cars, vehicle-road coordination, etc., but in general the definition and concept of the group is basically the same gnss module, and they all expect to rely on the human-vehicle-road cloud The connection and synergy of various participating factors to promote cross-industry combination, resulting in new business systems, green ecological management systems and business operation models, today we key to discuss the development trend of Telematics from the perspective of information and communication 5G."

Telematics is a business complex, road and car follow each other

Telematics is a larger definition of business complex, Telematics contains cars, public transportation, information communication, is a very comprehensive definition of the human vehicle road cloud integrated together to take into account, stronger for everyone urban transportation service projects to bring convenience, but also faster to support everyone cars to complete more advanced other autonomous driving.

The meaning of 5G and Telematics synergy

Then actually think about from the aspect of system function, the whole process of connection is a storage resources and articulation work ability between the game, as if we now in the car network will mention LTE-V2X, 5G, will also mention the industrial Internet of things, roadside intelligent system, etc.. When the computing level is not enough, we expect to carry out a lot of calculations in the core by virtue of the network connection; and when the network bandwidth becomes a short board, we expect to move the working ability of calculations down to the edge side to apply.

In addition, on the one hand, we look at the vehicle network management system is actually the bicycle intelligence and intelligent transportation (crowd) interrelationship, the bicycle intelligence for public transport efficiency and safety coefficient is still not enough, the future must be reasonable network link way to do for the application, complete the overall public transport management system effect and safety coefficient improvement. This is also why the current field focuses on the integration of "smart cars" and "smart roads", and autonomous driving should be discussed in close conjunction with intelligent transportation.

Standing in the car to complete the perspective of autonomous driving, but also from the technical, engineering projects and customer value to study the three levels, why must be networked technical as applicable. The first is that bicycle cognition is still technically insufficient to deal with the hazards of non-perspective and blocking conditions, such as traffic signs and traffic light information, and the difficulties and costs of bicycle cognition are common and easily compromised. This information is originally stored in the road traffic data information, often in physical form because the driver comes to see, then to the car automatic driving link, this intelligent information can be sent out according to the way the network link.

The second need to look at the public transport system and system software, bicycles can not improve the safety of everyone's high efficiency, stronger application to complete a comprehensive regulatory overall planning. Then we can give some examples, such as high priority motor vehicle driving, car red alert shortcut key travel, car risk situation rescue and its intelligent street supervision, etc., all must netlink technicality will be a variety of public transport to participate in the factors of synergy together to play a more efficient. The third thing that Netlink can provide is the transformation of the industrial ecological management system. The Internet technology comes from data information, from the use of data information independent innovation, with data information we can do these things, according to the data information can be derived from more and more innovative business models.

Improve the technical evolution and business operation model difficulties, the Internet of Vehicles market prospects are endless

The development trend of 5G must be integrated into the traditional fields, the development trend of 5G will no longer just deal with the connection of people and people, but a large number of services for the connection of things and things, people and things, to be closely integrated with traditional industries, such as automobiles, public transportation, today's conference is very good, the group is looking forward to more and more fires hitting out, whether from the technical evolution or commercial services The more the fires hit the road, the faster the technology will evolve and the business services will be applied.

Telematics is not just a new definition of upgrading that is happening at this stage, but is constantly evolving along with the rapid development of new technologies, and can be succinctly divided into three segments. Information service project link, including online navigation, time delay prompt and multimedia system free download according to 2G/3G/4G mass telecommunication network and other information game entertainment service projects, and its gradual derivation of shared travel, car humanized feeling, car project life cycle management method, car network business insurance and other independent innovation service projects. In the segment of safety and high efficiency service projects, the establishment of low latency, high security and safety warning information based on LTE-V2X and other technicalities, the improvement of high efficiency of public transportation and part of the autonomous driving business process are also the application fields that are widely concerned by the people now. In the future, the collaborative service project link, according to 5G-V2X and other technicalities, will build "human-vehicle-road-cloud" relatively highly collaborative interconnected natural environment, complete vehicle-road collaborative manipulation, vehicle-vehicle collaborative red alert shortcut, remote control and other high-end/complete automatic driving business processes, and finally support the completion of complete automatic driving.


GNSS cable: what is it?

Radio-frequency (RF) waves are used by the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) to convey the navigation message. Utilizing the system effectively requires an understanding of how devices receive waves. A device using an antenna is required to receive the signal from a GNSS satellite once it has been transmitted.

What makes GNSS so crucial?

Precision agriculture is made possible by GNSS, which enables accurate application of seed, fertilizer, water, and pest control even when working at night or in bad visibility.

How precise is the GPS module?

For instance, in clear skies, GPS-enabled cellphones typically have an accuracy of 4.9 m (16 ft) or less (view source at ION.org). Near structures like bridges, trees, and buildings, their accuracy declines. High-end users can increase GPS accuracy by using augmentation systems and/or dual-frequency receivers.

What role do GNSS play in surveying?

GPS/GNSS surveying is the use of GPS and GNSS signals via a GPS/GNSS receiver and antenna to ascertain an object's or point's shape, boundary, or position with respect to other objects, forms, or boundaries.

Why do we need 4 satellites for GNSS?

Calculation of ranges from these three signals requires an atomic clock synchronized to GPS. The receiver does away with the requirement for an atomic clock, though, by taking a reading from a fourth satellite. In order to determine latitude, longitude, altitude, and time, the receiver makes use of four satellites.


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