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What is SEO as a career?

If you are not in the search industry, you may not really be able to answer google seothis question. Simply put, we consider SEO to be part of the Internet industry, but we all know that SEO is a system with a clear division of labor. Each job requires different professional skills.

At the same time, we can think of ourselves as SEO practitioners with different work experience, for the question of what SEO is and what the career is, there are different understandings.

Then.According to the accumulated experience of past SEO career skills, the following are specified.

1, occupation

In general, for the search engine optimization career type, we believe that can be divided into two categories:

① management

In general, the SEO director is only responsible for the development of SEO work plan, usually need to have the following professional abilities, such as:

The ability to diagnose SEO websites and analyze and study various social problems of the target company's website.

Ability to develop business website solutions quickly.

Expertise in developing various quantitative data charts, SEO work data, and graphs.

Develop KPI's for SEO projects from time to time.

Team internal control organization enterprise management and communication skills.


For the implementation of SEO, we divide it into different positions, each of which plays an important role. Generally speaking, depending on the implementation, the SEO profession consists mainly of

Content operation External Link Publishing

The former needs to develop a website content update strategy to ensure the smooth progress of the google SEO project, continuously improve the content increment, and promote the successful completion of the SEO project.

The latter needs to expand external links according to the strategic requirements of the SEO manager, to improve the search engine friendliness of the target website, and to include and rank relevant pages.


Any as an SEO work, need the company to bear the corresponding responsibility, usually speaking, a learning professional SEO company, with the development of a sound assessment and management mechanism.

Therefore, we do SEO process, every detail of the work, need to take seriously, in the SEO industry, your professional skills, is with the accumulation of project experience and growth.

If you often have the mentality of muddling through, then, in the long SEO work time cycle, it is difficult for you to get effective accumulation, but to stand still.


SEO work methods have such as rowing against the current does not advance is backward, if we need to work in a long cycle, especially in the A management organization, often a high degree of vertical analysis of a certain business industry, through a long cycle of operational development of the accumulation, you may SEO practical process, like a fish in water.

But different industries, related to the optimization of teaching strategies are different, we should be good at a particular area of optimization, and can not be used as a representative of the enterprise can operate every education industry.

Therefore, for SEO personnel, we need to continue to study and learn to improve their professional skills, you can pay more attention to some expert blogs, industry organizations, offline communities and industry practitioners to communicate and learn.

Summary: How to read what is the occupation of search engine optimization, everyone has a different definition, the above content, for reference only!


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How is Google SEO implemented?

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