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Just in time for the 9-9-9 Chongyang Festival, a spicy hotpot restaurant in Beijing's Fengtai District has become an unexpected Internet sensation because it specializes in providing "very convenient" service items for the elderly. This several generations of operation of the old Beijing brand store, for the elderly to give a high magnifying glass, word menu bar, ground anti-skid crutches, fraud prevention tips and many other attentive service projects china unionpay international, the store is also found especially suitable for the elderly application of cell phone flash payment method, and posted on the wall to the "cell phone payment without looking, double click the mouse switch power on the good "The use of the method of smooth enclosure slip, "a few clicks on the payment" UnionPay cell phone flash payment in the arrival of the Ninth Day is also in the elderly crowd heavily circled a wave of powder ......

With the rapid development of China's digital economy and the popularity of "payment on cell phones", many elderly people are unable to enjoy the convenience provided by intelligent daily life. In the actuality that China's population is aging, it is important to strengthen the age-appropriate infrastructure of payment services in the digital age so that the elderly and mobile payments can go hand in hand.

In this environment, China UnionPay released a new upgraded UnionPay cell phone flash payment at the end of June 2022 to continuously enhance age-friendly payment services. The upgraded version of UnionPay cell phone flash payment combines offline promotion of NFC payment, QR code and its APP to go inside the online payment, when making transactions online, there is no need to download and transfer up all APPs for free, double-click the mouse lock screen button to pay, applying mobile payment for the elderly Give a more simple and convenient payment method.

UnionPay cell phone flash payment for the elderly easily feel the intelligent service projects opened a doorway, whether it is restaurant dining, or city traffic, vegetable market shopping supermarket, just double-click the lock screen key on the mouse phone, you can quickly enable the UnionPay cell phone flash payment, easy to pay. Simple and easy to learn payment steps, greatly convenient for these "too complicated, can not learn" and the intelligent daily life of the elderly to avoid.

Previously, for the elderly "cell phone use is difficult", "font style is too small", "role is complicated" and other problems, UnionPay Flash APP online " The "age-appropriate" care version of the WeChat applet, the applet from the page, the actual operation and other levels to enhance the level of payment convenience, for the elderly customers to bring more convenient and fast mobile payment services.

The "UnionPay Flash Pay Care Edition" WeChat applet gathers common services for elderly customers in the UnionPay Flash Pay APP, such as the car code, recharge center, public payment and its electronic social security card, medical insurance electronic invoice, etc. According to the design scheme of font enlargement, conspicuous color, role highlighting and one-click joining to the desktop, it improves The application of the elderly customers feel, help the elderly to enjoy the convenience of mobile payment, and create a more temperature-appropriate aging goods.

A few days ago, some netizens in the people's daily network "leadership message board" message board message said, because the current stage of intelligent system process and step into the aging society, proposed the relevant departments, build China's elderly intelligent service service platform, installation is simple, easy to use, in order to serve the project many elderly, and stimulate the sex just demand, the development of the economy.

For this matter, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology responded that the proposal is aimed at boosting the integration of the elderly into the information society and facilitating their daily life with great significance. Will be attentive scientific research, comprehensive included in the next step to take into account.

Undoubtedly, China UnionPay has released a series of measures for the elderly, which has long become a microcosm of the age-appropriate renewal process.

In recent years, China UnionPay has been carrying out the core concept of "payment for the convenience and benefit of the people, payment for the benefit of the people", with more and more sound payment services into the modern daily life. With an eye on the future, China UnionPay will continue to cooperate with various parties in the industry chain to improve the level of intelligent services and create a more convenient, secure and efficient payment service for customers.


Is Union Bank available globally?

You can use your Visa Debit card at the point-of-sale and online because it is a widely accepted payment method. It is more than just a secured ATM card.

Which bank is the best for foreign transactions?

The top banks recommended by NerdWallet for foreign travel are listed below:
The best bank for using ATMs is Charles Schwab. Best for foreign transaction fees is Capital One 360. The best bank for expats with large accounts is HSBC. Citibank is the best for money transfers. The best nonbank multicurrency account is Revolut.

Is UnionPay available everywhere?

A division of China UnionPay, UnionPay International (UPI) is dedicated to expanding and supporting UnionPay's international operations. UnionPay International has allowed card acceptance in 181 countries and regions with card issuance in 77 countries and regions through partnerships with more than 2500 institutions globally.

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