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Do anti-noise headphones work? Can I say goodbye to noise pollution?
We all know that we now listen to rapid 3d prototyping songs or play video, love to bring cell phone headphones to listen, this is because with headphones can help block part of the external sound, so that we can quietly concentrate on listening to songs or play video, especially today's science and technology is more prosperous, almost a lot of people are on the phone, usually we walk in the street, it is possible to see many people will bring cell phone headphones walking, in the On the bus, there are some young people will sit on the bench with cell phone headphones to listen to music, anti-noise headphones people should have heard of it.

Anti-noise goods at this stage is bitmain l7 with cotton wool, headset cotton, sponge, silicone rubber, soundproof earplugs and other physics noise reduction cell phone headphones, can block part of the noise, but or many noise can not be removed, especially in the low frequency of the boom is almost impossible to eliminate, and wear a long time inside the ear will be swollen pain, the earlobe and body is still quite large, only the real noise reduction effect of active noise reduction headphones to Can have the effect of offsetting noise and maintenance of the ear.

The basic principle of active noise cancelling earbuds and earphones noise reduction headphones is based on the sound frequency signal receiver (such as a microphone) and anti-noise export processing chip to accept and analyze external noise and cause it to say the opposite of the noise, weaken each other or offset, to shield the purpose of the noise. Both offset the external noise, but also to maintain the ear inside and body health. So if you want to buy anti-noise headphones need to pick really have noise reduction effect of active noise reduction headphones. But today there is really noise reduction effect of active noise reduction headphones price are thousands, hundreds of dollars and all have little practical effect.

Spectral hearing machine YX-EP6 and good and cost-effective, despite the low fame, but the actual effect of noise reduction, tone are very good, authoritative data testing is the greater noise reduction depth to 30 dB, and noise reduction work frequency total width has exceeded 3000Hz (other well-known brands only to do 1000Hz), noise reduction tone is excellent, and also unique microphone noise reduction, the price is only a few hundred, compared to other Famous brands, this price is a special offer.

Long-term application of cell phone headphones is likely to cause cerumen in the earphone inserted into the ear hole together with the middle ear is pushed, which can lead to otalgia, weakening of the auditory system, pain or bacterial infection. Soundproof earplugs are also a likely cause of ear infections, as many germs can flourish in warm, wet and cold conditions. If you wear soundproof earplugs, you should remove the earwax on time, and you should be slow to prevent the standard air pressure from causing damage to the ear drum, and you should also be slow to turn and pull out the earplugs.


What techniques are used in prototyping?

8 techniques for prototyping and examples
1.Sketches-use paper and a pen to draw quick ideas. Storyboards allow you to assess user journeys for improved UX. Paper prototypes: Display or test additional app information on paper. Role-playing allows for the exploration of various role-playing scenarios. Create low-fidelity digital prototypes using wireframes. More information...•

What is more effective, earbuds or headphones?

There are some similarities between the benefits of earbuds and earphones. They are convenient, light, and great for the gym. Another benefit is that they last for a long time, provided you clean them regularly to get rid of earwax and oil buildup. But earphones win the prize for comfort and sound quality.

What is mined by the Bitmain L7?

L7 requires a 220V input voltage from the power supply. The most potent bitcoin miner is the Antminer L7, which is far superior to other BTC mining equipment.

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