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Hong Kong work visa has been opened for processing, with acceptance conditions and processing procedures.

According to the latest information from the state administration of entry and exit on September twenty-nine, hk working visa applicationthe Guangdong province will open its door to work establishments and self-employed persons to apply for work visas in Hong Kong from October 11.

Conditions for applying for a Hong Kong work visa

Must Be a staff member of the management body of the enterprise and the development of the enterprise must have a corresponding Hong Kong economic operation. The application is usually made mainly in the name of two licensed companies, including FV/Fu and other licensed companies.

Must be enterprise personnel, including but not limited to: legal representative, general manager, Hong Kong drivers (whether the main driver or the deputy driver) and employees (must have corresponding social security payment certificates).

Corresponding Enterprises must first apply for the registration of Hong Kong and Macao work visas.

Hong kong work visa processing procedures

If you are the legal representative or general manager of the company, you only need to submit the relevant company information on the official website of the Immigration Administration, including but not limited to work licence, Identity Card, Two-way Permit, mainland driving licence, Hong Kong driving licence, company dispatch letter, qualification certificate, personnel registration form, etc. . Upon completion of the annual examination, staff members can bring their identity cards to the Public Security Bureau registered with the enterprise to apply for a work visa.

If you apply for managing the employees of a company through various channels, you need to upload the work license, ID card, Hong Kong and Macao Pass, Mainland driver's license, Hong Kong driver's license, letter of dispatch from the company, qualification certificate and personnel information filing list, and you also need the employee's social security payment certificate in the company, which can be printed in the Social Security Bureau. After passing the annual examination of China enterprises, you can bring your ID card to the registration function area of the enterprise asset registration system of the Public Security Bureau to apply for an international work visa in Hong Kong.

If the driver applying for customs clearance is the name of the enterprise, the applicant must be a driver holding a white card or above, whether the main driver or deputy driver. Submit the relevant company information and upload it to the official website of the entry and exit administration department, including work license, identity card, round trip permit, Mainland Driving License, Hong Kong driving license, Dispatch Certificate, Qualification Certificate and personnel record form. In addition, also needs the enterprise staff's social security payment proof. After passing, you can go to the Social Security Bureau to print, apply for enterprise annual inspection, can bring ID card to the Public Security Bureau of the enterprise registration area to apply for a Hong Kong work visa.

The company also has a certain number of FV drivers and executives who can apply for one-year unlimited round-trip work visas in Hong Kong. At present, the first batch of Hong Kong customs clearance personnel must be holders of Hong Kong work visas. If it is necessary to go to Hong Kong as soon as possible to discuss work or meet relatives, they can do it at once.

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