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When keeping flowers indoors, we often encounter this common pest, which can be prevented in advance. You can't wait for a pest outbreak before spraying. If you want to keep your flowers away from pests, you should spray them regularly so it's easier to prevent them before they happen.

1. Mosquitoes

Keeping flowers means knowing how to manage and control the wet/dry cycle of the potting soil, which means letting the soil dry out before watering it thoroughly, and not letting the soil problem stay wet.SWAN insect killer supplier Mastering to learn this kind of flower keeping skills, keep flowers at home, the basic situation will not be possible to have mosquitoes breeding.

Mosquitoes breed because you provide them with the right environment, such as soil that is always wet, root rot in the soil, or some other fertilizer that is not fully matured, and it provides an environment for mosquitoes to lay eggs and breed,SPRITEX insect killer manufacturer and within a few days a new generation of mosquitoes is born, and soon the house is full of them.

This is why I would advise you to check that the soil is moist before watering. You can pick up the potting soil and determine if the soil is dry based on its weight.

If you don't know how to tell if the soil is wet or dry, you can even place a dry bamboo stick in the potting soil and water it. Pull it up and see if it's wet.

If your plant has been infected with mosquitoes,Chinese RAMBO Insecticide spray it is necessary to dry the potting soil promptly and completely. You can spread a layer of fine sand 3 ~ 5 cm thick on the surface of the soil. To keep the sand dry, you can prevent mosquitoes from laying eggs in the soil.

Later to the plant for supplemental water, you can use the method of dipping pots, so that we can effectively avoid the eggs hatch and climb out, and then let the soil problem in time to find a dry, give a little more sunlight, so that you can get a complete extermination of mosquitoes.

Of course, can also be used directly to remove mosquitoes, can be commonly used imidacloprid, furosemide, etc., according to the instructions for the use of drugs can also be used directly.

2. Mealybugs

Clearing plants infected by mealybugs is especially difficult because this pest resembles a turtle with a waxy shell on its back. If they are sprayed when they are adults, these pests are difficult to clean up and leave behind eggs.

When infected with mesquite, they suck the sap from the plant and the plant becomes thinner and eventually wilts.

It is best to prevent the growth of mesquite in advance. Insecticides such as abamectin, thiazinon, bijoux, acetamiprid or chlorpyrifos can be sprayed regularly every month or two, which will go a long way in preventing the growth of mesquite.

If we feel that spraying these different insecticides is too troublesome, we can also buy some furosemide), they are in granular form, and when the plants are first bought back to your own home, you can just dig holes around the soil surface and bury them shallowly, usually sprinkle one or two spoons on a pot of 15 to 20 centimeters in size.

While some of the above insecticides are sprayed with water, furanamide is an inward growing form that is slowly released into the soil and absorbed by the plant to control mesquite.

If your plant is infected with mesquite, be sure to remove the adults, which are the particularly large ones, first, either by crushing them directly with your hands or by piercing them with a needle or toothpick. Some of my friends have cactus plants that are also infected with mesquite, and the surface of the plant will be covered with the pests. At this time, you have to use a knife or something else to scrape off the adult insects, clean them and then spray them, so that the effect of killing insects is better.

If it is a small number of infected insects and the plant is very small, even a 75% concentration of medicinal wine will spray the scale insect eggs and larvae, but if the eggs are not in contact, they will continue to recur.

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