With the development of social and economic development, now most of our country's living environment conditions can slowly become better, before the different people have neither time nor money to health, to now a very need to pay attention to the word health, not only did not pay attention to the face, but also pay attention to the hand, and even from the head to the feet are very important, so for today so we will talk about how to feet health as well?

According to medicine,outcall massage services the foot is people's second "heart", because the soles of the feet have many internal organs reflex zones, before going to bed with hot water to wash the feet, you can promote local blood circulation, while achieving the effect of sleep. If you choose the right way to rub feet will be better!

1. Tapping the soles of the feet

We can go to bed at night,erotic massage hong kong sitting on the bed, with the hand tapping the soles of the feet, tapping the number of times the best for 100, 50 tapping around the soles of the feet, the cycle of two, tapping the strength of the moderate, remember not to use too much vigor, otherwise the soles of the feet will be more painful, the power of the moderate words, you can alleviate the whole day's fatigue, accelerate blood circulation in the body, and enhance the body's detoxification function.

2. Rub toes

Massage toes can also achieve the role of health care, first of all, we need to use both hands to hold the largest toe, to our big toe to do the circular friction, you can do 2-3 times a day, each time about 2 minutes;.

Then massage our little toes, because the little toes and memory are closely related, but also the reflex zone of the cerebellum. If we massage our little toes by rubbing, we can enhance our memory.

3. Apply wine to rub the Yongquan acupoints

As we all know, the foot is the furthest place from where we carry out the heart has the most, the blood system supply capacity is also the least, so the foot is very difficult to have to maintain a warm function, the foot is also the most easy to develop to be attacked by this kind of coldness, especially in the winter time, a lot of people's feet are easy to be cold.

If you want to relieve this situation, you can first pour wine in a cup, dip your hand in a small amount of wine, massage to our spring point 100 times, and then finally massage the other foot, you can maintain the balance of yin and yang;.

It also improves blood circulation in the lower body, relieves muscle tension, and helps the body get rid of the cold in the body and get warm.

4. Massage the soles of the feet

Massage the soles of the feet is also a good health choice, we should start lying flat on the bed, feet up, two feet up rubbing each other; friction, rubbing the soles of the feet with both hands, preferably the soles of each foot massage 20 times, can promote local blood circulation, enhance the function of the detoxification organs. This method can prevent numbness of legs, cold hands and feet and walking weakness in the elderly.

So, what should we pay attention to when we rub our feet? Diabetic patients must be vigilant when using foot massage, first of all, wash your feet carefully with warm water and soap, after washing your feet, then apply the right amount of petroleum jelly to keep the skin, and can not be coated in the crevices of the inside of the toes;

In addition, one hour after meals can not rub feet, otherwise the body has an important role in the blood supply capacity of the organs is insufficient, resulting in headaches and dizziness, rub feet to pay attention to cultivate the strength, if there is severe local pain should stop immediately; for people with heart disease or hypertension development in general, rub feet do not use more than 15 minutes.

After massaging our feet, we can drink a glass of warm water, which can speed up our body's metabolism, and can discharge the body's waste in a timely manner, there is one more thing to pay attention to, that is, massaging a certain part of the foot, the massage time can not be more than 5 minutes, otherwise it can not achieve the effect of health.

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