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Is the ear thermometer convenient for life?

Electronic thermometer, put under the armpit to hold
Electronic thermometer should be one of braun thermoscan ear thermometer the three electronic device temperature measuring instruments to give full play to the smoothest one, the precise measurement position is similar to the traditional mercury thermometer, all placed at the bottom of the tongue, under the armpit or colon.

Electronic thermometer temperature measurement buy whatsminer m30s++ time is long, must take 30 seconds to more than 3min. Because of direct contact with the human body temperature more stable location, accurate measurement of the conclusion of the chances of harm by the external environment is smaller.

Correct posture: most homes tend plastic prototype to accurately measure the axillary temperature, it must be noted that, once encountered with a small baby wear more, do not cooperate, clip too loose, are harmful to the temperature detection. At the same time, accurate measurement of oral temperature is vulnerable to hazards such as eating or fitness exercise.

After eating 30min, then measure the body temperature
Generally speaking, the body because of the metabolic condition, the human body temperature is constantly fluctuating throughout the day. The body temperature is slightly lower in the morning and slightly higher in the afternoon, which is a normal condition. When stationary, the human body temperature will be very low, after exercise, after meals, after mood swings human body temperature will rise slightly.

Correct posture: meals can also harm the human body temperature, it is proposed to measure the body temperature about 30 minutes after eating. In addition, children have a faster metabolism, the human body temperature will be a little higher.
When you get sick, it is best to use 1 thermometer and measure 1 position precisely, that is conducive to comparative assessment, otherwise there is a high probability of deviation. If there is a fever, it is proposed to go to the hospital outpatient clinic for further regular examination and treatment.

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How hot should it be according to a Braun ear thermometer?

An adult's body temperature is typically 98.6°F (37°C). But this can vary between 97.7oF (36.5oC) and 99.5oF (37.5oC). When the body temperature stays above 100.4°F (38°C) for a prolonged period of time, a fever develops.

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