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On July 15, Shenzhen introduced 8 measures to regulate the property market. Yesterday, Shenzhen issued the detailed rules for the new regulation of the property market, which included detailed regulations in eight aspects, including the qualification of house purchase, the calculation of the number of houses purchased by divorced persons, and the online signing of housing mortgage contracts.

15 days after Shenzhen's new property market, how will house prices go up?

Shenzhen's property market regulation new policy rules officially released

The "Detailed Rules" clarified that for those who purchase a house before July 15, 2020 (excluding July 15), they can continue to complete the transaction without being affected by the New Deal. The time of purchase is subject to the time of online signing.

For actual transactions that have occurred, but have not yet (pre-)entered the real estate sales and purchase contract information in the real estate information platform, and can provide valid real estate transfer vouchers, it is also deemed to have processed online signature (pre-)entry.

Those who have applied for settlement before July 15 and are conducting real estate transactions will not be affected by the three-year social security required by the New Deal.

Song Ding, deputy director of the China Urban Economic Expert Committee: This basic trend is equivalent to the old methods for the elderly, the new methods for the newcomers, and the new methods. It fully takes care of the interests of these people.

At the same time, the "Detailed Rules" further clarified issues such as whether social security cut-off affects the eligibility to purchase a house.

The "Detailed Rules" proposes that if social security is withdrawn within 3 years before the purchase date but not more than 3 months (including 3 months), if the social security is paid in our city for 60 months and meets other requirements within 5 and a half years before the purchase date Commodity housing can be purchased if the housing conditions are met.

Social security payments are cut off during the epidemic, and repayments within 3 months will not be affected;

For retirees to buy a house, they only need to provide a pre-retirement personal income tax or social insurance certificate to buy a house. Among them, Shenzhen households need to pay for 3 years, and non-shenzhen households need to pay for 5 years.

Wang Feng, director of the Shenzhen Real Estate and Urban Construction Development Research Center: The starting point of the policy is to protect reasonable rigid needs, protect self-occupation needs, and curb speculation.


In addition, the "Detailed Rules" provide detailed explanations and supplements on several major issues that buyers are concerned about, such as the determination of settlement time, the calculation of the number of houses purchased by divorced persons, the implementation of online signing of housing mortgage contracts, and the disclosure of second-hand housing transaction information.

The influence of the New Deal continues to ferment

Shenzhen's second-hand housing network is running low

It has been half a month since the introduction of the Shenzhen New Deal on the property market on July 15. Under policy control, what changes have taken place in the transaction volume and transaction price of the Shenzhen property market?

Wu Yongxiong, the regional director of Midland Realty Shenzhen Baihua, has worked in the real estate agency industry for more than ten years. Before the New Deal, the area he was responsible for had always belonged to the seller’s market. The quantity of second-hand houses on the market was low and the price was high. There has been a significant decline in trading volume.

Wu Yongxiong said that in the data before and after the policy (release), there was a 30% discount. The previous transactions were active, and the latter released people who really have policy indicators, have strong demand, and can accept relatively high taxes.


According to the data on commodity transactions (completed ownership transfer) published by the Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Housing and Urban-rural Development, the transaction volume of new and second-hand houses (completed ownership transfer) in Shenzhen from July 20 to July 26 was 747 sets and 2010 respectively. Sets, the ring ratio decreased by 39% and 35% respectively.

Song Ding, deputy director of the China Urban Economic Expert Committee: The transaction volume has been affected. From the information obtained from the market, the entire transaction volume and watch volume of online signing have all declined significantly, about 40%-50%.

Industry insiders believe that the downturn in second-hand housing transaction volume in Shenzhen is expected to continue. After the National Day this year, transaction volume will rise and remain stable. In terms of prices, the influence of the July 15 New Deal will gradually be reflected in real estate prices.

Song Ding, deputy director of the China Urban Economic Expert Committee: In the past, second-hand housing has been extremely high. In the past few months, the average price has fallen by more than 10%. By the fourth quarter, I think this decline may continue.

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