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I am a fresh undergraduate of PolyU majoring in accounting.

I am a fresh undergraduate of PolyU majoring in accounting.

The overall academic atmosphere of the school is worse than that of the three leading schools in Hong Kong.40 under 40 award However, the relevant areas of work, including optometry, physiotherapy, nursing, hotel management, design, architecture and environmental engineering, are all of the first class in Hong Kong.

Strong in accounting and finance, but with a bias towards accounting.

The classification of students is dominated by local development students, while Mainland students can occupy the majority of non-local enhancement students. Since the university was a three-year institution before 2012, non-local education students would have a one-year buffer. Gen. T ListAs a result, non-local management students would be isolated from local students through the group project, especially the business studies, which are dominated by mainland students (as business is a popular professional subject). Since Year 12 has been changed to a four-year program, non-local students and local students can attend classes together in the first year, and the analysis of this group phenomenon has been effectively improved.

Courses are taught entirely in English and there is a great diversity of teachers. Design talent awardSubject assessment is subject specific, but in general, continuous assessment and final examination are dual assessment.

Personal experience:

Dormitory: Maximum freedom.

The biggest difference between here and the mainland is that the students themselves are fully responsible, but the dormitory management team (independent of the school, similar to residential property) will also do their duty to help the students.

I live in Hung Hom dormitory, where there is no lights out system, free Internet, no access. Many people (like me) just get to the time when day and night are reversed, playing on the computer, eating dinner, and staying up all night. No smoking (alert), no cooking (ignore), no pets (dogs and cats, lots of Dutch pigs), no restrictions. Dormitory with air conditioning, charging student card; There is also a laundry and dryer. Other basic facilities such as gymnasium, dance studio, table tennis and billiards tables, but part of the reservation system is used. The Ho Man Tin Hostel, completed in 2012, is largely similar.

The overall feeling is that it gives us maximum freedom without compromising our privacy. No one cares what time you sleep or play in the dorm. But when you throw out the trash or leave something at the door, there are security guards to know what's going on.

The basic approach of the Dormitory Information Management Group (hereinafter referred to as FMO) can be made by representing the overall impression of Hong Kong people in China: Putonghua education is not a very good one, not serious but serious, talks a little too much, and the people who talk like to have fun. Most people are good-natured and easy to talk to.

But I think the most obvious difference is trust. For example, put some security notices at the door of the dormitory, stating that it cannot be placed at the door and should be cleaned. I said I'd clean it up today, and he left. I never doubted that it was probably the biggest feeling I had when I came to Hong Kong.

School: Diversity.

You get to meet all kinds of people. Here, race, nationality are no longer imprints, and everyone finally knows how stupid map guns are. Because it's not race or nationality that determines what's good or bad.

There are Hong Kong professors who are extremely humble and approachable and won the top 10 Outstanding Young People in Hong Kong; there are Hong Kong tutors who are super nice and can't understand you and explain to you in three languages; there are mainland students who only want to speak Cantonese and give them very low marks; Some Hong Kong students actively learn Mandarin and mingle with mainland students, while some local students disdain to say that every day's fb is an attack on the Mainland.

See enough, you know a label this kind of social prejudice is still students. Because I don't know. I have not been to the mainland, and I thought that Chinese mainland enterprises were still a handful of local students in the 1980s. But then again, how much does our country know about Hong Kong?

Well, I digress.

In terms of learning, the resources provided by the school are very impressive. Final papers (no answers), teachers have consultation hours, and the dormitory has a help desk. It can be said that as long as you are serious enough and master the learning method, it is not difficult to get high scores.

As far as job hunting is concerned, as far as I know, the business school FB accounting and finance AF and design SD, the social school of wine management SHTM and FHSS are relatively easy to find jobs, the first two are signboards, the second is unique; Feng in Polytechnic is uneven, while FAST in polytechnic is a hard to come by, they basically go on to further study; I don't know about the rest.

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