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When selecting files in Windows 10 File Explorer, if there are a lot of items to be selected and they are not arranged continuously, what other good methods are there besides the traditional Ctrl or Shift plus mouse click?

1. Smart use of reverse selection to improve selection efficiency

If there are more convert scanned pdf to word online free large files to be selected than unselected files, you can consider the opposite situation. You can select the unwanted files, and then select all the files at once by using the Reverse Selection command in the Selection group under the Main tab of File Explorer.

Tip: The "complementary" principle of selecting more and fewer files, which transforms a complex task into a simple one, is worth learning in all software environments where reverse selection exists. Whether it is a file or content.

2. open the project check, give up the keyboard operation

If you can't easily use the keyboard with a frying pan in your hand, or if the keyboard controls are damaged, you can multi-select with just the mouse in an emergency. This requires an item checkbox option to help. The "Item" checkbox is located in the "View" menu panel of Explorer in the "Display" group. Once opened, you can freely click on discontinuous files with the mouse.

Clicking only with the mouse is often not a very efficient level of work. However, if the check box and reverse selection can be used in combination, can greatly improve the efficiency and flexibility of the selection of discontinuous files.

3. The use of good keywords to achieve automatic selection

If you want to select the file has a common rule, you can first use the keywords for screening, and then a one-time selection of documents that meet the conditions. For example, in the software directory in a one-time selection of file names and PDF-related software, these software is not arranged side by side, and then check the trouble. At this point in the resource list in the upper-right corner of the search box, type PDF, the system will automatically filter out PDF-related software, the implementation of Ctrl + A or Select All, a one-time selection of these fragmented files.

4. With the extended attributes, to achieve personalized selection

Some files with unique properties are not necessarily arranged next to each other. For example, the same bit rate music files. If you need to select music files with the same bit rate at one time, you can use the Music Files Properties tab to expand the display to sort and then select them.

First, you can select "Bitrate" through the "Add Column" command in Explorer, and then click Sort on the "Bitrate" column in the file information list. Bitrate file system will be more centralized research display, with the previous method we can use a one-time selection.

Discontinuous file selection can also be accomplished using system commands. For example: the need to "summarize" the end of the two words named in a one-time extraction of the file to the D disk, simply execute the "COPY * summary. * D:" command can be.

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