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SHARE 7 super easy to use PDF tools, including editor and reader, online pdf converter merge compress Mobile and computer. I believe I can help you!

the editor

PDF format is special and editing is troublesome, convert merge pdf to single pdf so we need to collect some commonly used mobile phones and computer editors for emergencies.

1. Adobe Acrobat DC

This is Adobe's PDF software, with built-in PDF reading and editing capabilities, which I also use to edit PDF documents.

Open the software tools page, you can see a variety of management tools, select one of them [Edit PDF].

After you add a PDF document, you can edit it. The software can add text, image and other functions, word to pdf converter free download offline and can be used for document cutting, segmentation and other operations.

2. WPS

WPS software is generally used to edit office documents, but it is also compatible with PDF format.

In Open mode, select Open as WPS to read and browse PDF documents. If you need to edit, you can click the TAB at the top of [ edit ]-[ edit content ] to insert text, insert pictures, and so on.

However, the function of PDF is limited, allowing you to read documents for free, but you need to open a membership to edit.

3. All-around PDF conversion teaching assistant

This software is a mobile phone PDF editing APP, which is mainly a PDF conversion function, supports the conversion of PDF documents and other formats, and is also compatible with the editing function of PDF documents.

Software companies have PDF conversion format, PDF compression, PDF split and merge, PDF size adjustment and other different processing system functions, basically common editing technology can be completed, and mobile phone operation process more convenient!

For example, the PDF segmentation function can view all pages, and freely sort and select segmentation.

At the same time, the software also supports to adjust the size, add signatures, file encryption and other functions, feature-rich.

4. Quarks

Quark is a Chinese mobile browser APP, which can be mainly used to browse related web pages, and also supports browsing information of PDF and office documents.

The software has built-in [utility] options, which with some common life and office tools, PDF file format conversion processing operations.


Choosing a suitable reader can improve the efficiency of loading and browsing PDF documents, and make reading more convenient.

Some friends may not know what kind of PDF reader is better, here to share my own use of the 3 readers, hope you like!

1. Microsoft Edge

Edge browser is a computer web browser that comes with Windows, but as a PDF document reader, it is actually quite useful.

First of all, the software system is compatible with Windows computers, loading and running fast, even a large PDF file can be easily opened for students to analyze and read.

In addition, the software has built-in many reading functions related to reading documents in PDF, such as switching views, zooming and jumping pages. If you need to use the comment function, it has basic marking and annotation functions, which is very convenient!

Of course, the most important thing is not installed, the computer system followed!

2. SumatraPDF

This software is an open source small PDF reader, which is easy to use. The portable version can be opened without installation, and can be used after decompression. It is suitable as an ordinary USB reader.

At the same time, the reading function of the software is also more comprehensive, supporting page scaling, rotation, search, jump and other operations.

3. Rice husk reader

The software of this system is a multifunctional electronic reader, common e-book files, PDF documents and so on. , it can be easily opened for students to analyze and read, and even we can improve the online webpage for searching and browsing electronic technical documents.

The software has many functions. In addition to the normal reading and browsing settings, it supports bookmarking, comments, page previews, and other features. You can also quickly browse and adjust the sidebar for easy reading.

Well, that's all I want to share with you in this episode. If there is anything else I want to know, please come to my home page.


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