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The advantages of Hong Kong identity are really great, I don't know how to apply?

Due to the introduction of multiple preferential policies by the Hong Kong government, visa hong kongmany applicants have obtained Hong Kong status through Hong Kong talents, Hong Kong talents, Hong Kong professionals, and Hong Kong continuing education programs. However, there are still many applicants who are still confused after obtaining their Hong Kong identity, unsure of the next steps to obtain their Hong Kong identity card. Today we will take a look at what the immigration department needs to do after approving the approval letter.

1、 Obtaining an electronic visa

At present, applicants and dependents who have obtained Hong Kong status through three channels: Hong Kong talent, Hong Kong talent, and Hong Kong professionals can obtain attachment guidance in the approved payment visa fee letter after receiving a response. visa agency hong kongOnce completed, they can download the electronic visa.

It should be noted that there are time limits for visa payment and entry activation, mainly based on the time limit required by the approval letter. In order to facilitate talent development in Hong Kong as soon as possible, the Hong Kong government has shortened the visa activation time from 6 months to 3 months. Therefore, after obtaining the application approval letter, applicants should arrange their time as soon as possible to avoid missing the payment and entry activation visa.

Note: Except for student visas, most companies submit applications for student visas on the school's official website. apec business travel cardOnce the application is approved, it can directly affect the issuance of an electronic visa for a student.

2、 visa (stay visa)

Applicants who have obtained Hong Kong status shall, after paying the fees and downloading the printed electronic visa, bring their 6-month or longer Hong Kong Macau travel permit and personal identification documents to the local entry and exit agency to apply for a Class D stay endorsement. Usually, it is necessary to make an appointment in advance to process the D visa and go to the manual counter to handle it (the procedures may vary in different regions, depending on the local entry and exit agency's handling situation).

3、 Activate visa for entry into Hong Kong

After successfully completing the D-class endorsement, the applicant or dependent must present a copy of the round-trip pass and electronic visa in order to initiate the entry visa within the validity period specified by the Immigration Department.

Attention: Entry must be within 3 months. If unable to enter the country, additional fees can be paid within the deadline.

4、 Apply for Hong Kong ID card

According to the "Personnel Management Registration Work Ordinance" in Chapter 177 of the laws of Hong Kong, individuals who have reached the age of eleven and are allowed to stay in Hong Kong for more than 180 days must register their business and apply for an ID card within 30 days after their arrival or after obtaining national approval to stay. Applicants should make an appointment before going to the personnel information registration office to apply for the Hong Kong Economic ID card.

Currently, only online bookings are accepted and on-site applications are not accepted. Applicants can:

Hong Kong government one-stop website: www.goyHk u002Fixbooking

Or 24-hour telephone reservation system

HydraFacial Hong Kong

The date is within 96 working days after the next working day. After the appointment is successful, bring the following information to the appointment location to apply for a Hong Kong ID card:

Original documents of customs clearance personnel (such as Hong Kong and Macao passes)

Electronic Visa (Download and Print)

A "white strip" for customs clearance (the entry certificate obtained when passing through Hong Kong Customs is a blank paper and needs to be properly kept)

Booking vouchers online (may need to be displayed on-site)

ID card application (can be downloaded and filled out online in advance, or the form can be retrieved and filled out on-site)

Note: The website for downloading the form is:

Due to the involvement of biological sampling (fingerprint collection, facial recognition), ID card holders must personally apply to the immigration office.

At present, there are six identity based offices in Hong Kong, as follows:

After all the above steps are completed, it means that the application for a Hong Kong identity card has been completed. The Immigration Department will provide the applicant with a "Application for Identity Card Receipt", also known as street paper and temporary identity card.

The processing time for the office and the application for ID card information is usually 7 working days, so that the applicant/dependent can go to collect the card within the specified collection period on the application for an ID card receipt.

If it is not convenient for the applicant to obtain the ID card, they can entrust someone else to collect it, but the authorized person must be at least 18 years old and hold the following documents:

● Valid identification documents of authorized representatives (such as Hong Kong ID card, passport, or return permit)

● Received the applicant's ID card application

The applicant's authorization form (ID678), or written authorization accompanied by the applicant's signature style proof.

The above questions are the four things that a company must do when applying for a person's Hong Kong social status!It should be noted that obtaining Hong Kong identity information is only the first step. How to maximize the value of Hong Kong identity and how to smoothly renew and obtain a permanent residence or Hong Kong passport after 7 years are the most important steps, and each step needs to be treated with more caution.

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