2022 Hong Kong and Macau Permit l visa latest policy

Hong Kong and Macao is China's best cloud mining national territory, but the implementation of the policy is different from other regions of the mainland, travel in China generally do not have to apply for a special permit, but in Hong Kong and Macao must apply for a professional Hong Kong and Macao Permit, then 2022 about the requirements of the Hong Kong and Macao Permit is how it?

2022 Hong Kong and Macao Permit l visa latest policy

L visa the latest policy: cnc milling prototype Hong Kong and Macao Permit L visa will no longer have to travel association visa.
Application for the "Exit-Entry Permit for Travelling to and from Hong Kong and Macao" and visa: 10 working days; independent hearing visa: 7 working days; online application, cell phone application for visa 8 working days; dialog box application for visa, postal agency point application for visa 10 working days.

Visa validity period

Domestic households to Hong working visa hong kong Kong and Macao visa is divided into six types, namely, individual travel (G), visiting friends and relatives (T), business reception (S), group travel (L), other (Q), stay (D) based on the application for reasons for categorization of visa processing. In which Hong Kong G and L visas are available for a period of 3 months once, 3 months twice, 1 year once, and 1 year twice for four reasonable visas. The Macau visa is only available for 1 time in 3 months and 1 time in 1 year. The visa requires a stay of no more than 7 days in Hong Kong or Macau, one entry and one exit.

According to the above answer can get, if you must apply for a Hong Kong and Macao Permit, this time generally will not have to travel association visa processing, only to the corresponding address in other places to apply for it, if I visa processing also do not need to carry out in the household registration area to apply for it, if you also have the relevant legal advisory services can call the Huarun net online lawyer answer.


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