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Getting around in our big city can be difficult, especially when we can't or don't want to use our own two feet. While there are several solutions for urban transportation, many of them don't seem like too much fun. As a result, autonomous mobile robots have started popping up more frequently and they're making their way into all sort of spaces- from classrooms to nursing homes. We've compiled an awesome list of the top 10 successful autonomous mobile robots companies that you need to know about below!

Top 10 Autonomous Mobile Robots Companies

1. Blue River Tech: Based in Sunnyvale, California, Blue River Tech is a leading agricultural robotics company that has developed the See & Spray robotic system. This system uses computer vision and artificial intelligence to identify and spray weeds in fields, drastically reducing the use of herbicides.

2. Boston Dynamics: Based in Waltham, Massachusetts, Boston Dynamics is a leading robotics engineering company that specializes in the design and manufacture of advanced mobile robots. The company's flagship product is the SpotMini robot dog, which is designed for applications such as home assistance, security and inspection.

3. Fetch Robotics: Based in San Jose, California, Fetch Robotics develops and manufactures robots for the logistics and material handling industries. The company's products include collaborative robots that can autonomously pick up and deliver items within warehouses and distribution centers.

4. IRobot: Based in Bedford, Massachusetts, iRobot is a consumer robotics company best known for its Roomba line of vacuum cleaners. The company also manufactures floor mopping robots and gutter cleaning robots under the Braava brand name.

5. Kiva Systems: Based in North Reading, Massachusetts, Kiva Systems was acquired by Amazon in 2012 for $775 million. Kiva Systems' robots are used by major retailers such as Staples, Crate & Barrel and Walmart to fulfill orders within their warehouses and distribution centers.

6. Knightscope: Based in Mountain View, California, Knightscope designs and

Deep Blue:

Deep Blue is a leading provider of mobile robots and software for the logistics industry. Their products are used in warehouses, distribution centers, and factories around the world. Deep Blue's robots are designed to automate the material handling process, reducing labor costs and increasing efficiency.

Clear Path Robotics:

Autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) are transforming the landscape of manufacturing and distribution facilities across the globe. These versatile machines are capable of performing a variety of tasks ranging from material handling to warehouse management and beyond. As the demand for AMRs continues to grow, so too do the number of companies that are offering these innovative solutions.

Clear Path Robotics is one such company that is leading the charge in AMR innovation. Founded in 2016, Clear Path specializes in the design and deployment of intelligent industrial robots. The company’s mission is to “change the way the world moves” by providing safe, reliable, and cost-effective robotic solutions that empower customers to achieve their goals.

Clear Path’s flagship product is the Otter, an all-terrain AMR that is designed for use in a variety of industries including manufacturing, logistics, retail, and healthcare. The Otter is capable of autonomously navigating through complex environments and completing tasks such as order picking, inventory management, bin maintenance, and more.

In addition to the Otter, Clear Path also offers a range of other AMR solutions including the Scout (a smaller version of the Otter), Kingfisher (a water-resistant AMR), Sherpa (a tow truck robot), and Warwick (a customizable solution). Clear Path also provides a software platform called Orchard that helps customers remotely monitor and manage their fleets of robots.

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1. Zoox:

With a mission to "reinvent the wheel," Zoox is a company that's been making waves in the autonomous mobile robots space. Founded in 2014, Zoox has raised over $830 million in funding, and its valuation is north of $3 billion. The company has assembled an impressive team of engineers and scientists, many of whom have come from leading companies in the self-driving space like Tesla, Waymo, and Uber.

Zoox's ultimate goal is to create a fully autonomous vehicle that can serve as a ride-hailing service (think Uber or Lyft, but without the need for a human driver). The company has made significant progress towards this goal, and it expects to launch a commercial pilot program in 2020. In the meantime, Zoox has unveiled its first robotaxi prototype, which looks like a cross between a minivan and a SUV.

While Zoox is still working on perfecting its technology, it has already made strides in terms of partnerships and passengers. In 2019, the company partnered with Toyota to jointly develop self-driving vehicles. And earlier this year, Zoox announced that it had completed over 50,000 passenger miles without incident. With backing from some of the biggest names in tech and auto manufacturing, Zoox is well positioned to be a leader in the autonomous mobile robots space for years to come.

What Are The Most Notable Autonomous Mobile Robots Companies?

There are many notable autonomous mobile robots companies, but these are some of the most notable:

-Auris Surgical Robotics is a company that manufactures surgical robots. Their products areautonomous mobile robots companies used in minimally invasive surgery, and they have developed a robot called the Monarch Platform that is specifically designed for use in ophthalmology.

-Biosensory Robotics is a company that specializes in developing robots for agriculture. Their products include automated greenhouse controllers and mobile agricultural robots.

-Cyberdyne is a Japanese company that produces robots for medical and industrial use. Their products include the HAL 5 exoskeleton, which is designed to assist people with lower limb paralysis.

-F&P Robots is a Swiss company that manufactures portable industrial robots. Their products include the F&P Ipot, which is a humanoid robot designed for use in manufacturing and assembly tasks.

-Kiva Systems was acquired by Amazon in 2012, but they continue to operate as an independent subsidiary. Kiva Systems specializes in logistics automation, and their products include warehouse robotics systems that can dramatically improve order fulfillment times.

Rise Robotics

If you're thinking about investing in an autonomous mobile robot (AMR), there are a few companies you should know about. Here's a rundown of some of the most notable AMRs on the market today, including their key features and capabilities.

One company that's making waves in the AMR space is Rise Robotics. Their flagship product is the M6 autonomous mobile robot, which is designed for material handling and logistics applications. The M6 can autonomously navigate through warehouse environments and has a lifting capacity of up to 1,000kg. It's also equipped with sensors that allow it to avoid obstacles and detect people or other objects in its path.

Rise Robotics' M6 autonomous mobile robot is a powerful machine that can autonomously navigate through warehouse environments and handle up to 1,000kg worth of material. It's outfitted with sensors to avoid obstacles and detect people or other objects in its path, making it ideal for material handling and logistics applications.


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