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N-acetylneuraminic acid (sialic acid), a ubiquitous component of cell surfaces, has been identified with increased levels in cancerous cells and the serum of affected individuals. This study involved the measurement of Sialic Acid levels in the serum of newly diagnosed and previously treated head and neck cancer patients, comparing them with levels in healthy individuals. The findings suggest that elevated Sialic Acid is linked to tumor presence and can be a valuable parameter for detecting cancer recurrence.

Introduction to Sialic Acid as a Tumor Marker

Cancer cells often exhibit higher concentrations of Sialic Acid in their membranes, which can also be detected in the serum. This study aimed to measure these levels in patients with head and neck cancers and assess their potential as a biomarker.

Study Design and Participant Groups

The research included 76 patients with new tumors and 113 previously treated patients without clinical recurrence. Tumors were classified according to the UICC system, and a separate group was defined for patients with recurrent tumors. The Sialic Acid levels were compared against a control group of 63 healthy individuals.

Association of Sialic Acid with Tumor Burden

The study revealed that patients with active tumors had increased levels of Sialic Acid that correlated with tumor size and progression. This association indicates the potential of Sialic Acid as a biomarker for the extent of cancer.

Sialic Acid as an Indicator of Recurrence

A significant finding was that 71% of patients with a recurrence had Sialic Acid levels above the normal range, highlighting its potential as an indicator for early detection of recurring tumors.

dha algae oil supplier and Health-Enhancing Ingredients

As a DHA Algae Oil Supplier, there is a vested interest in identifying Nutrition and health functional ingredients that can contribute to health. Sialic Acid, recognized for its role in cancer detection, may also offer insights into developing nutritional strategies for cancer management.

The Role of Sialic Acid in Cancer Research and Nutrition

The study underscores the significance of Sialic Acid as a biomarker in head and neck cancers. Its potential role in early detection and monitoring of cancer recurrence points to a broader application in the field of nutrition and health.


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