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1、Cleaner of carpets

Vacuum cleaners are basically purchased when the renovation is finished when you clean your sommelier hong kongown health, life use is basically the track of the sliding door, the gap of the sofa, the corner of the cabinet and other such nooks and crannies, basically the use of sweeping robots and scrubbers to clean the place, there is also the ceiling cleaning must be vacuum cleaner

There are two types of vacuum cleaners: wireless and wired: the wired one has strong suction power, but each time you pull out the wire, find the socket, collect the wire, and transfer to the next location, the process is tedious, the work time and preparation time are about the same, but almost all the garbage can be sucked away, making it suitable for large areas or replacement locations with less cleaning work; the wireless one can save the above series of preparation time, but it is more expensive. The biggest disadvantage of vacuum cleaners is that the suction power is low, so heavier particles cannot be sucked away, and the use of the second must always be reworked or manually removed. I can't stand it after applying for special funding to purchase a Dyson vacuum cleaner.

The impression is that the suction power is approximately 70% of that of a wired vacuum cleaner, and that as long as the particles are not particularly large, they can be sucked away, making cleaning the ceiling much more convenient.

The frequency of use of the two wired vacuum cleaners is now low, primarily with Dyson vacuum cleaners to clean the ceiling, wooden floors, and furniture.

2.Scrubber No. 2

Prior to the scrubber, but feel and sweeping robot function duplication is high, it has not been best vacuum cleaner for carpet and hardwoodconsidered; last year after moving just bad sweeping robot, the new purchase of Timco scrubber, the reason for the purchase is that my sister's family used, according to her recommendation that is better than sweeping robot, so buy a try

The scrubber has been in use for over a year, and the comparison with the sweeping robot is as follows.

The benefits are as follows: a variety of stains garbage can be cleaned up basically once over, and do not pick the type, whether it is hair, lint, grease, rice particles and other dry and wet garbage can be cleaned up, from garbage inhalation to mopping sterilization all done, very convenient and fast; there is an advantage is that there is a suction function, where there is a lot of water overflow words, with the suction function in a few seconds can be

Disadvantages: Handheld cleanup is always required, even if the roller is powered; there is little effort required, but time is still required.

3.sweeping machine

Sweeping robot has changed over time, from the beginning of only sweeping to the last Coors floor Marni Kids HKtreasure sweeping dragging one automatic charging, and the same function as the scrubber is basically the same, but each has advantages and disadvantages.

Benefits include no manual operation, the ability to set the time and cleaning position, as well as change the water, saving time.

Disadvantages: poor cleanliness; some stains necessitate manual secondary cleaning.

To summarize: vacuum cleaners, particularly wireless vacuum cleaners, are indispensable in many work scenarios; scrubbers and sweeping robots can only be purchased once; it is recommended that the family tile floor be equipped with more scrubbers, and wood floors be equipped with sweeping robots.

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