global payment gateways

Usually, the basis of such methods of mobile global payment gateways acquisition is widely spread. Mobile collection, also known as mobile phone collection, is a service method that allows users to use their mobile terminals to pay for the goods or services they consume. Units or individuals can directly or indirectly pay the bank through mobile devices, the Internet or proximity sensing. Financial institutions send payment instructions to generate currency payment and fund transfer behavior, so as to realize the function of mobile payment.

Two ways of mobile payment

The mobile payment is mainly divided into two types: near-field collection and long-distance collection. The so-called near-field collection means that when consumers purchase goods or services, they immediately collect from the merchant through their mobile phones. ), infrared, Bluetooth and other channels to complete local communication with vending machines and POS machines. NFC short-range wireless communication is the mainstream technology of near-field payment at present. It is a short-range high-frequency wireless communication technology that allows non-contact point-to-point data transmission and exchange of data between electronic devices. This technology evolved from RFID radio frequency identification and is compatible with RFID technology. It was first promoted by Philips, Nokia, and Sony, and was mainly used in handheld devices such as mobile phones.

Long-distance payment is a payment method by sending payment instructions (such as online banking, telephone banking, mobile phone payment, etc.) or by means of payment objects (such as by mail, remittance). Long-distance payment also generally refers to online payment, which refers to the payment method in which the mobile terminal is connected to the mobile payment background system through the mobile communication network to complete the payment behavior. According to the transaction object, remote payment is also divided into remote transfer (person-to-person) and remote online payment (person-to-business). A typical remote payment process is that after a user purchases a product on an e-commerce website through a mobile terminal, he or she jumps to the mobile banking or third-party mobile payment page to complete the payment according to the payment interface provided by the merchant. In addition, mobile payment through short message service, interactive voice response, etc. is also a remote payment.

Features of mobile payment

Mobile payment is a kind of electronic payment method, so it has the characteristics of electronic payment, but it has its own characteristics because of its integration with mobile communication technology, radio frequency technology and Internet technology.

Mobility: The mobility of taking care of yourself eliminates the limitations of intervals and regions. Connected with the mobility of advanced mobile communication technology, you can access the services, applications, information and entertainment you need anytime, anywhere.

Timeliness: Not limited by time and address, information hunting is more timely, and users can inquire about accounts, transfer money or make purchases at any time.

Customization: Based on the advanced mobile communication technology and simple and simple mobile phone interface, users can customize their own consumption methods and personalized services, and account transactions are more simple and convenient.

Integration: With the mobile phone as the carrier, operators can integrate various information such as mobile communication cards, bus cards, subway cards, bank cards, etc. Integrated management is carried out in the carrier, and a supporting network system is built to provide users with a very convenient payment and identity authentication channel.




Is OpenEdge a gateway for payments?

The payment gateway that accepts credit and debit cards as well as other payment types is called OpenEdge.

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Is Adyen a gateway for payments?

Adyen combines a payment gateway, risk management tool, and acquirer so you can streamline your business processes, cut costs, and improve outcomes.

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