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Print the text of certain paragraphs in the document

Regardless of what industry and what specialty you study, you will come into contact with Word documents. After using Word for so long, are you sure you really understand? In fact, this software behind the hidden a lot of you do not know the cat. Master these, your learning efficiency or productivity may soar!

1. Print the text of certain paragraphs in the document

In the face of dozens of hundreds of pages of documents, sometimes we just need to print some paragraphs of what to do? Create a new document, copy and paste? Too much trouble!

In fact, we believe that as long as the content of the need to print, in the printing of students to choose "print the contents of the selected study" can be, this problem many friends do not know, there is a need to try it!

2. special fonts save

in daily life, we often read or print documents on another computer.convert pdf to word online for free adobe acrobat For some reason, the print document fonts have changed. What should we do?

If we want to open this document on another computer to keep the font format unchanged, we can save or save the document to "Save Options" and select "Embedded Fonts in the document", so that we can be used to create this document font saved with the document, and open the document on another computer, we can still use these fonts to view or print it.

3. automatically remove excess space

Very often, when we are dealing with a document, we will find a lot of extra space. If we delete one by one, not only is the operation cumbersome, and most importantly, inefficient and waste of time.

At this point, we click on the Word document menu bar, "Start", and then find and click on "Edit" in the tool, select "Replace", in the box enter "32", click "More", check the "Use wildcards", and finally click "Replace All" to automatically Remove the extra spaces.

4. remove hyperlinks

Whenever we enter the Word document as a corporate Web site, it will be automatically converted to a hyperlink, so that students for the study of some issues do not need hyperlinks for users is very annoying.

Do not want to hyperlink when entering the URL? We click on "File Options - Proofreading - AutoCorrect Options - AutoFormat for you to type", and then uncheck the "Internet and network paths to replace the hyperlink with".

5. batch change the title format

No matter what the work, efficient operation of repetitive operations into batch processing, Word documents are no exception. For example, to change the style of all the headings, as long as the modification of one of them, the specific operation is shown in the following chart.

6. F4 key

Use the F4 key in Word to repeat the previous steps. For example, set the text font, color, indentation and formatting. Select another paragraph of text, and then press F4 to automatically repeat the operation just set.

Of course, F4 can repeat the previous operation in PPT or Excel.

Word of the above 6 tips, you have mastered the students?

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