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Many of my friends have encountered some problems when using computers, such as the laptop suddenly does not work.combine pdfs for free windows Now I will tell you about this problem in detail. In fact, there are various reasons why laptops don't work. How to solve it?

1. Most likely a power problem: First check the power supply.convert scanned pdf to word online free large files Charge or unload the battery, connect the power adapter and try to start the laptop. Troubleshoot whether the external power supply is properly plugged in or plugged in.

If everyone else's power supply turns on, there's a problem with the power supply. If the power supply proves to be fine, it may be a hardware problem.

2. Check whether they are hardware problems: dismantle the laptop can check whether the students need to hardware has a loose situation, the general hardware is not plugged in will have an alarm sound, a long sound constantly ringing that the memory sticks are not inserted tightly, a long and a short that a memory or a motherboard has a problem, a long and two short that the graphics card error.pdf editor online If there is no notebook market internal existence of too much dust, it is best to clean up first.

In addition to pay attention to whether they can be caused by the new replacement of the hardware environment, if the replacement of hardware before normal, after the replacement is not able to normal, then check whether the compatibility.

If you can not start at this time, it is best to send repair, professionals will check your hardware one by one whether there is a problem.

3. Enter advanced options: may be due to the phenomenon of forced shutdown and infinite reboot of the laptop, can not enter the system, this time just need to press the F8 key after the fast startup, enter the advanced options page, select the last correct configuration, and then enter, usually can work.

4. Driver or virus:Installed an inappropriate driver, or a virus Trojan invasion caused. Just enter safe mode, uninstall the installed drivers by F8, or disinfect them completely.

5. BIOS: If the BIOS is set to an incorrect setting, it may also affect causing failure to boot. You can try using reset BIOS settings or update the BIOS version.

6. Monitor: Connect to an external monitor and see if it works. If the external monitor displays properly, the laptop monitor is faulty and needs to be repaired.

7. Check the power button: Sometimes, the laptop won't turn on because the power button is faulty. You can try pressing and holding the power button to see if there is any response.

8. Check the power outlet: Sometimes, the laptop won't turn on because the power outlet is faulty. You can try plugging the power outlet into another outlet to see if there is any response.

9. Check the motherboard: If there is a problem with the motherboard, it can also cause the laptop not to boot. You can try disassembling the laptop and check the motherboard for visible damage or burnt out.


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