Sweeping robot, scrubber, vacuum cleaner how to choose? Three kinds of household cleaning products which is most practical

Sweeping robot

Belong to artificial intelligence of a domestic equipment, automatically in the room to finish the floor cleaning operation, may free your hands.

Advantages: sweeping robot can design a map, do not have to do it yourself, sweeping and dragging as one. It is extremely helpful in clearing up dust and hair on the ground. At the bottom of the bed at home, the sofa left too small gaps, this time the sweeping robot is particularly convenient.

Disadvantages: only can deal with the flat ground, deal with some dry rubbish, the wet garbage cleaning ability is low. Secondly, if there is a high and low table area or stairs at home, there is no way to cross the barrier, that is, there will often be stuck. Additionally, the charging time is long and the operating range is low.

So, why many people, running no longer have to manually wipe the floor, to buy the sweeping robot, and then will complain that there are blind spots and dead ends in the cleaning although very intelligent sweeping suction dragging one, but the quality and level of this cleaning compared to the manual still has a gap. Every once in a while you still need to clean completely by hand. The fundamental reason for claiming that the sweeping robot is "ribbed" is because you don't really comprehend the nature of the work of the sweeping robot.

To sum up: sweeping robot to its individuality, it can only be the house floor hygiene instruments to maintain. The role of the sweeping robot is relatively single, more ideal for young people who do not have the time and energy. For example, the morning routinely turn on the sweeping robot, go to work, back home to the ground times clean, the atmosphere is also calm.

The technology of sweeping robots has grown to today, generally speaking, as long as it is not a hodgepodge brand or too low priced items, in fact, the degree of cleanliness are equivalent. It is advised to buy the price of roughly two to three thousand on the reference brand: Coors, stone, Mijia, cloud whale, etc.. The essential several more vital factors need to pay attention to, such as: navigation and route planning, obstacle avoidance, suction power size, cleaning and mopping way, battery life and back to the means of charging.


Dry and wet waste can be cleaned at the same time, the brush through the rotation and ground friction, the duty of the ground to clean.

Advantages: to put it simply, it is not solely manual washing mopping, purely manual mopping, it suction mopping wash once completed, and it has power automatically forward. You only need to put a little direction on it, you may wipe the ground very clean. And the cleaning power is particularly strong for heavy oil or grease stains on the ground, etc.

Cns: The body is large and heavy, and the cleaning scene will be limited. The water tank needs to be refilled and cleaned in time, and the debris in the waste water tank would cause odor if not cleaned for a long time. Noise is normally rather considerable, restricted by the design of the roller brush, there will be a certain amount of cleaning dead space.

Hence, the characterization of the scrubber is the ground power sweeping instrument. It cleans the degree of purity and integrity even more than pure manual cleaning. But it requires manual operation throughout the use, that is, it can only lessen the work intensity of your wiping, but can not be divorced from people.

To sum up: manual operation of the scrubber, may reasonably easy to wipe the ground very clean, but you can not wipe every day. Typically speaking is a week wipe, then the ground is genuinely dirty day by day. Your home experience is actually declining. The main utility and value of the sweeping robot is that when you use the scrubber to easily clean the ground very clean, the sweeping robot automatically sweeps the ground once or many times a day, as clean as you just finished wiping the ground.

The scrubber is advised to buy a well-known brand, the product technology is stable and mature, commercial wet and dry vacuum cleanersuch as: Timco, Bison, Stone, Westinghouse, Bobot, etc.. Examine these four main factors when choosing, cleaning capacity, range, tank capacity, sterilization; as for some advanced additional capabilities, many times simply not used, there is no need to spend more money to pay the "IQ tax".

Vacuum cleaner

Primarily to clean dust and hair and other contaminants.

Many individuals may have questions, that is, if you buy a sweeping robot or scrubber, there is a need to acquire a vacuum cleaner?

First of all, these three cleaning items simply do not have to replace each other. These sweeping robot and scrubber, they can only be used on the ground, it can not be on the sofa or on the wall. Like the sofa crevices at home, and the cobwebs on the ceiling and the air vents of the air conditioner, etc., it is just not good to clean without a vacuum cleaner. Hence, it is highly vital to acquire a vacuum cleaner, especially for individuals with pets or hair loss.

It is recommended to choose a wired vacuum cleaner for typical families, and it is notwset recommended to buy a wireless vacuum cleaner. Don't stare at this device is really hot, although it was designed for vehicles and is used to clean homes with very many flaws. The major problem is the short range, although many big brands last less than 10 minutes.

Second, the storage capacity is also tiny, you always have to go to dump the rubbish, extremely troublesome. Moreover, you have to clean high spots, it is very hefty body, around 2 kg, virtually catch up with the dumbbell. The most crucial factor is expensive, typical wireless vacuum cleaner seven or eight hundred to buy a good, even the high-end in approximately two thousand, but you pay this money to buy a wireless, but truly can not get a good product.

However, the wireless one also takes up room, you have to arrange a bit of place, and qs top universitiesthen give it to stand there charging. Wifi does not matter, you want to stuff where to stuff where, take out connected into the electricity can be utilized.


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