4 tips to teach you to easily create a sleep environment

Good quality sleep is vital to the health of the body, and sleep health is no less important than eating healthy and exercising. Unfortunately, numerous factors can interfere with the natural way of sleeping. So, how do we maintain quality sleep and create a quality sleep environment?

1. Control the sound and create a quiet and comfortable sleeping environment. If the sound in the bedroom is too noisy, it is easy to put the brain in a hyperactive state, which is not conducive to quality sleep. For this reason, you can place soundproof equipment in the room to reduce noise and create a quiet sleep atmosphere.


2. Set the appropriate light and tone. Light will affect the secretion of melatonin in the brain. When people sleep, bright light will cause eyelid stimulation, inhibiting the pineal gland secretion of melatonin. Therefore, sleep indoor light should be dark not too bright. Modern research has found that strong light on the human brain will produce strong stimulation, easy to cause the brain in a state of excitement, but also stimulate the human retina, so that it produces nerve impulses, resulting in abnormal brain activity, so that people can not sleep. Therefore, the bedroom should use dark, orange light, if the window light source is brighter, you can use a strong blackout ability of the curtains, so as to ensure a darker indoor environment.

Improper arrangement of warm and cold tones will also affect the quality of sleep. Cool colors are good for people to relax and fall asleep, while warm colors tend to make people excited. Such as pink, yellow tones, it is not easy to let people sleep, while light blue, white tones, it is easy to make people fall asleep.


3. Set a comfortable temperature and humidity. Studies have found that the ideal sleeping temperature in the bedroom is 18 ℃ ~ 22 ℃, the appropriate reduction in indoor temperature will lower the body temperature, which is conducive to sleep. The temperature should not be too low, should be maintained at 18 ℃ or more. Indoor humidity is too low, the air environment is dry, which is not conducive to sleep, you can add a humidifier to maintain indoor humidity at 40% to 60%.

4. The bed and bedding reasonable selection. To choose the right width of the bed, too wide is easy to make people in a state of tension, the width of the bed is 2.5 to 3 times the width of the shoulder is appropriate. The height of the pillow will also affect the quality of sleep, a fist high for a reasonable height. Research shows that the quilt is appropriate to be heavier, so that sleep more deeply.


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