What are the benefits of air purifiers set a variety of roles can be met

What are the benefits of air purifier, Nepia at the very beginning air purifier only need to purify indoor air, filter air dust effect, along with the continued development trend, it continues to enhance the new role.

1, dust removal
The filter in the air purifier cangoogle pay online shopping make the floating dust, smoke, bee pollen, droplets of infectious water droplets and floating organisms and other fine particles can not penetrate the filter, leaving them in the filter, which can clean the air and improve the ability of the ecological environment.

2、Bacteria removal
Negative oxygen ions can adhere air purifier for cat allergies to the floating dust on the fusion of germs, microbial strains of viral infections, etc., so that under the move, and ultraviolet light can kill a very large number of germs. Ultraviolet light and air negative ions are able to gas microbial strains have a strong antagonistic effect, so that pathogens lose the ability to attack human cells, and thus have the effect of reducing germs purify indoor air.

3, electrostatic elimination
Static electricity phenomenon is generally due to the fine particles in the air contains positively charged positive ions, the air in the air negative ions can fuse with covalent bonds, in the combined off the positive electricity in the air, with the efficacy of electrostatic elimination.

4、Biological effect
There are some gas purifiers installed plasma generator, moderate negative air ions can improve cardiorespiratory function and sleep, and negative air ions can neutralize acidic and alkaline blood night, enhance hematopoietic function, increase resistance.

A part of the air purifier also has the role of humidification, it is loaded with air negative ions can do atomization of water droplets fine moisture to the air, the drying of the gas to carry out humidification, the construction of a comfortable natural environment suitable for the body. Maintaining a certain temperature can curb the spread of germs and viruses and improve the immunity of the body.


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If you have allergies, are air purifiers worth it?

Scientific research has demonstrated that air filtration lowers these airborne allergens and may offer some comfort to allergy sufferers. Two filtration types are advised by experts: Find an air purifier with a HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filter for a single room.

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