Which is better, an e-visa or a sticker visa? Do you understand?

More and more people like to travel these days, and going abroad has become an essential part of the annual travel plan. As the saying goes,visa application hong kong ten thousand books are better than ten thousand miles of traveling. Traveling brings us much more than just different landscapes.

Outbound travel development needs to apply for a visa, we carry out a comparative analysis of the common is the sticker visa,apec card hk more and more countries economy began our country to implement the enterprise e-visa. Then, love to travel you know China electronic visa and sticker visa which is better?

E-visa and sticker visa which is better?

1. It is more convenient and cheaper to apply for an e-visa. An e-visa is just scanning the documents required by the embassy and posting them online. The visa processing cycle is usually one week. For an ordinary visa, the application materials need to be mailed to the embassy of the applying country, and the processing cycle is usually fifteen working days.

2. Cross-border customs clearance is more convenient.chinese visa It is understood that, basically, China's border control for Chinese citizens to open the electronic visa country release conditions are "valid passport + visa print + return ticket". E-visa can be downloaded and printed at any time, save trouble; In addition, if the e-visa input fingerprint information, "scanning" customs clearance can become a reality.

3. E-visa facilitates the management of tourists entering the country by the issuing authority, but it also has its shortcomings. For example, the use of electronic visas in Turkey, the necessary conditions are "a valid sticker visa of the designated country (electronic visa is invalid).

I would like to tell all of us travelers: no matter whether you do electronic visa or a sticker visa, the visa must be carried out through the real, real, real information!


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