Compared to 3D printing, what are the advantages of cnc digital control tools?

1. Surface treatment advantage

CNC machine tools provide a better surface finish cnc machining service china and the material will not be deformed during processing. Rigid material and cutting action keep the product together, reducing the chance of errors or deformation.

2. Prototype integrity is improved

The digitally controlled machine bed does not heat the material and undergoes transformation. The material is stronger and more structurally complete than a 3-D printer, hr management system which must heat the material to produce the desired product.

3. Prototyping becomes easier.

The CNC machine is more suitable for prototypes that can withstand the ability to structurally test and carve designs out of the material. Prototypes are constructed using the exact material that will be used to manufacture the final realized product.

Structural tests and changes will be more accurate when using the same materials. s19 95th This can speed up the production process because the change will be in the design, not the material.

4. Price and quantity do not mean price

The cost of 3 d printing depends on the amount of material required. The quantity of the final product does not determine the price of the CNC machine. For large orders, 3 d printing is not cost-effective, and this is where the digital machine tools are booming.

5. tolerance level rise

CNC machine tools are more accurate, so the tolerance of parts is better than 3D printing machines. Because of the tolerance level, prototypes with shafts or connections to other parts will have higher quality and are more likely to be suitable for other parts.

6. Quality favorable to CNC

You need a prototype, and you can choose yourself to get it economically and quickly but with a little less quality, or wait longer to get the best quality prototype that the company can realize to offer.

CNC machine tools allow you to choose the resolution of the item. They can offer a variety of different qualities in a short period of time, making them ideal for quick construction and immediate testing of analytical results.

VII. Cost reduction

If you can choose the manufacturing method to use for your product, CNC machining is usually cheaper than 3D printing.


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