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What are the tips for choosing eco-friendly tableware?

Eco-friendly tableware is tableware made of materials that are not harmful to human beings. Eco-friendly tableware is loved by many consumers because of its compliance with national safety standards, environmental friendliness and high safety.

What is environmentally friendly tableware?

A, the meaning of environmentally friendly tableware.

Environmental tableware is eco cutlery a harmless, non-toxic, tasteless, easy to degrade, manufacturing, use and destruction process without pollution of food containers, product quality fully comply with national food hygiene requirements. Environmentally friendly tableware is not equal to degradable tableware, but a degradable tableware.

Second, the advantages of environmentally friendly tableware.

The biggest feature of environmentally friendly tableware is the lack of pollution, because environmentally friendly tableware usually use some natural degradable materials, such as the most common wheat straw or edible paper, through high-temperature pressure decomposition of these types of materials into specifications of tableware, and eventually used by humans. So there is no harm to human body at this time, because it does not contain any toxic substances. So it is healthy for the human body.

Second, the skills to buy environmentally friendly tableware.

1. Identify the material by tapping method.

When choosing porcelain tableware, use your index finger to gently tap on the porcelain. If you can make a crisp sound, indicating that the porcelain embryo is delicate and well fired. If the sound of tapping dumb, porcelain will be damaged or porcelain embryo poor quality. Surface thorns, spots, uneven glaze or even cracks in the ceramic products are not suitable for tableware.

2. Do not choose painted tableware.

The choice of wooden tableware also has skills. Generally speaking, wooden tableware is best without cracks, hard and smooth. In addition, choose wooden tableware, try not to choose those painted. Painted wooden tableware has a glowing appearance. Most painted tableware contains high levels of lead. Long-term use, the paint will enter the body with food and endanger human health. It is better to choose tableware made of natural wood.

Eco-friendly tableware is loved by many consumers because of its environmental protection. In our daily life, we can use the above methods to buy to ensure our health.

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