Please correctly look at the dual-sex appliances

This utility model relates to a sexual aid therapeutic apparatus, is a simulation of organs to assist in the recovery of sexual remote controlled vibrator Some people degrade it as "obscene", which is inappropriate.

Data show that China has 30 million male sexual dysfunction patients, female frigidity accounted for the total number of women 1u002F3. Such a large number of people need active treatment to ensure physical and mental health, the role of sex therapy equipment can not be ignored. Sex therapy appliances have a good therapeutic effect, can stimulate sexual dysfunction men and women's sexual function decline,best remote controlled vibrator restore normal sex life.

China is the earliest country where we use sex remote controlled vibrator The use of sex appliances not only students can be carried out to solve the problem of some people's sexual outlet analysis, but also effectively avoid sex crimes, to purify society is a useful.

Some people think that the long-term use of sex will form a dependence, change the normal sexual behavior and affect the couple's future life. In fact, this fear is remote controlled vibrator As sex toys are only an auxiliary therapeutic tool, they are very useful for improving the quality of sexual life and treating sexual dysfunction, especially for reducing the number of affairs, so the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases should not be ignored. Nowadays, sex-assisted therapeutic devices are mainly divided into several kinds of male sex toys, female sex toys, and negative pressure penile erection remote controlled vibrator The use of male and female sexual substitutes while addressing sexual depression, sexual problems and sexual anxiety in many people is not a panacea. They can bring benefits to most impotence sufferers, but the exaggerated effects will undoubtedly increase the psychological burden on those who use ineffective medications, leading to a decline in confidence in treatment.

People are emotional animals, but erotic products do not have emotional factors, the use of both parties do not have emotional commitment and physical and mental remote controlled vibrator Repeated and frequent use will dilute the couple's feelings. So it can only be used selectively as a substitute when appropriate.

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