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Internet of Things (IoT) connects all items to the Internet through information sensing devices such as angle sensing, radio frequency identification, infrared sensors, wireless bluetooth lte modulecommunication modules, etc. in order to achieve intelligent identification and management, which is another information industry revolution after computers, Internet and mobile communication networks, of which wireless communication technology is one of the key technologies of IoT.

Wireless Module and Application Solution

Wireless communication module is the key link connecting the perception layer and network layer of IoT, which belongs to the underlying hardware link and has its irreplaceability. Wireless communication module (WiFi module, Bluetooth module) has been widely used in various fields of IoT such as security, vehicle, consumer electronics, medical, electric power and industrial and agricultural production. The combination module integrates WiFi and Bluetooth two kinds of communication technology, so it has a broad application prospect in the field of IoT smart home.

Engineers are extremely familiar with WiFi module and Bluetooth module, but many novice engineers still have some doubts about the role of WiFi+Bluetooth 2-in-1 combo module.

Combination module

WiFi + Bluetooth two-in-one combination module, as the name implies is integrated with WiFi technology and Bluetooth technology wireless communication module. Take the smart air purification solution based on WiFi+Bluetooth 2-in-1 combo module WG222 as an example, there is no denying that the combo module allows us to achieve a high level of product integration. The product can collect air sensor data via Bluetooth and transmit the data to WiFi part via UART interface, and then WiFi will upload the data to the server. Users can view the data information through cell phone and complete the temperature and humidity adjustment of the smart air purifier through WiFi's at-home or remote control mode according to the actual demand.

The advantage of WiFi+Bluetooth 2-in-1 combination module is to streamline hardware structure design, reduce product cost, customers can easily and quickly develop embedded wireless application products, shorten the development cycle, suitable for simple data collection and processing of IoT, remote control, and will be adopted in more and more IoT smart products and devices in the future. For more information about WiFi+Bluetooth 2-in-1 combo module, please visit SKYLAB website or Ali store directly.


How far underwater can Bluetooth signal spread?

The 2.4GHz radio frequency used by all BT devices does not function properly in water. The signal is attenuated by water molecules, which is due to the principles of physics. Any Bluetooth device's range is only a few inches when submerged. Additionally, Bluetooth has a range of roughly 30 feet (10 meters) in the air and uses less power.

Describe the Bluetooth Low Energy Module.

A single-mode Bluetooth system-on-chip module designed for low power consumption and small size is the Panasonic PAN1740 BLUETOOTH® Low Energy (BLE) Module. The Panasonic PAN1740 is the company's next-generation Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Module, and it has an incorporated BLE stack and a smaller form factor.

Bluetooth: Is Wi-Fi required?

Does Bluetooth require WiFi then? Not at all, no. Even though some gadgets might be equipped with Bluetooth and WiFi, Bluetooth is not dependent on an internet connection.

Does BLE come with Bluetooth 5.1?

In order to enable localized networking and position discovery across various low-powered devices, the new BLE protocol stack offers special functionalities. Recent developments in Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) include versions 5, 5.1, and 5.2.

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