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Everything Internet network era, embedded control system has been aembedded module wide research application, and gradually penetrate into all aspects of society our learning life, small to wearable devices, video phones, smart home appliances, large to automotive enterprise electronics, medical equipment, aerospace, intelligent tourism city, etc., none of them can be separated from the embedded operating system. Especially with the development of 5G, related data industry and technology for application capabilities continue to emerge. From the analysis of the user information of the recruitment management website in the past 2 years, embedded shifted into the meat and potatoes, the salary has improved a lot compared to the previous, the hard conditions for students' personal, education these are not too harsh, as long as the issue of college or above can improve the practice. It can be said that embedded is the current economy is more popular and the development of one of the country's future IT technology methods.

In the long run, embedded systems will only become more and more popular, with the development of artificial intelligence, embedded systems will certainly usher in a wave and a huge technological change. The more artificial intelligence wants to express the level of intelligence, the more dependent on embedded technology, embedded technology will develop in the direction of automatic control and human-computer interaction. Embedded system has the advantages of small size, high reliability, strong function, flexibility and convenience, etc. It will greatly promote the technical transformation of all industries, upgrade products, accelerate the automation process, improve production efficiency, etc.

In the future era of intelligence, embedded engineers do not have to worry about work. From the information on the recruitment website, generally with 2-3 years of embedded development experience, the average annual salary is more than 150,000, and the position development space is also larger. At present, China's deep-rooted talent gap in short supply. According to the statistics of the authority, China's annual embedded talent gap of about 400,000 people. Many well-known large enterprises have a huge demand for embedded talent, the shortage of embedded talent has also led to the rise in prices, it can be said that the more experienced the engineer, the more competitive the employment.

From the perspective of re-employment, embedded engineers can be said to be diversified. Can be employed in the consumer electronics, security and safety, automotive electronics, medical electronics, telecommunications and other industries of computer application design and development positions, as embedded products and application system design and development engineers, engaged in embedded technology application project design and development, product maintenance and technical services.


How may a module file be edited?

Module Content Editing In the module action menu, hover your mouse over the Edit button. The editing options that are available to the current user are shown here.
Choose the. Displayed for the module is an edit option. Depending on the module, a different name will appear next to the button. For instance, the HTML displays Edit Content.

The definition of embedded material

Any pre-existing intellectual property (IPR) of the supplier and/or materials from third parties that are embedded in or otherwise included in any deliverable are referred to as embedded materials; Samples 1, 2, and 3.

How does embedded automation work?

A microcontroller-based system created for a specific purpose is an embedded system. It consists of both hardware and software for computers. It can work independently or as a component of a large system. These devices have a single-chip microcontroller, such as an ARM, Cortex, DSP, or microprocessor.


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