china unionpay card

UnionPay online payment is not a new concept. In many cases, we choose to use china unionpay card online payment. This consumption method is very safe and reliable, and saves trouble quickly. It is more and more convenient to go out, there is almost no change in going out, eating, shopping, entertainment is not delayed, so what are the characteristics of these platforms?

First of all, we should have a specific understanding of "UnionPay Online Payment", which is a comprehensive, comprehensive and open online payment platform jointly launched by China UnionPay and many commercial banks. UnionPay cards cover almost all types of UnionPay cards that people use, including certified payment, fast payment, ordinary payment, online banking payment and other payment methods. Provide cardholders with "safe, fast, multi-choice, global" payment services such as shopping, payment, business travel booking, transfer and repayment, and charitable donations.

Why people choose the UnionPay online payment platform, because it has remarkable features such as convenience, speed, safety, reliability, universality, integration, and threshold-free online payment. Payments are fast, can be done in seconds, and there is no risk of funds being stolen.

UnionPay online payment platform is a popular online payment method, which is safe and fast, and is suitable for the efficient working mode of the society. Compared with the previous cash transactions, it is more convenient, and it also saves the merchants the trouble of collecting fake money, and saves the consumers the trouble of withdrawing money. Under the trend of the future, this payment method will become more and more popular with consumers.




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How can I obtain a Union Bank card?

Go to Account Details in the UB Online app and select Order a Physical Card. Complete the order procedure by providing the necessary information.
You can use any one (1) of the following IDs:
receipt for NBI clearance. GSIS membership ID or an electronic GSIS card. The IBP ID. School ID that includes a birth certificate and registration for the current academic year.

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