Electric roller blinds and curtains are essential office furnishings.

Roller blinds have become increasingly popular as urbanization and modernization have progressed, particularly in public office spaces. Roller blinds in office spaces are an effective way to reduce solar heat, and they make public spaces more comfortable in terms of temperature, shading level, and environmental effects.

A motorized rolling shutter is a rollingRoller Shade mechanism that is powered by a tubular motor. Its operation is only controlled by the configured remote control, one key to control the lift, easy to use, quiet and smooth operation, and is an improvement over the manual rolling shutter. The motor is installed directly in the aluminum alloy roll tube, which not only reduces the volume and force transmission of the curtain box, but also eliminates external influences on the motor and increases the mechanism's reliability. Volume tube for high-quality aluminum alloy material, high strength, and difficult to replace open anodic oxidation treatment, anti-aging, and corrosion resistance. To ensure the safety and reliability of institutional installation and use, installation brackets are made of high-strength alloy steel with bending resistance and shear strength.

Electric roller shutters are installed indoors or between double glazing to protect the system from the elements and extend its service life. It can block sunlight and reduce air-conditioning load in the summer, as well as adjust visual comfort in the winter. You can realize various intelligent control methods to meet the high quality requirements of users if you use radio remote control or building intelligent control. Motorized roller blinds can be used in a "one to many" configuration, in which a remote control can control multiple roller blinds to provide better and more convenient shading and sunshading. The superiority in lowering the mechanism's failure rate and lowering engineering costs is also very noticeable. The control system of electric roller blinds in modern intelligent buildings can curtain stylesalso be docked with the building's control center to facilitate the realization of centralized control at a distance scale.

Electric roller blinds are suitable for a variety of office premises and apartment buildings due to their various functions such as anti-UV, environmental protection and energy saving, landscaping, and saving indoor space.


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