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Why drink whiskey? Here's the best reason I've ever seen

01All-purpose meal pairing assistant

Whisky has always been called a pre-dinner or after-dinner drink, as if the main meal with alcohol only white wine, beer, etc. can be.

Actually, no, many dishes can be paired withwhisky course whisky and served with a meal during the main meal. Since there are many styles of whisky, with a wide variety of aromas and tastes, there is a wide variety of foods that can be paired with it.

The following are some of the more classic whiskey pairings.

Bourbon combination kebabs and burgers.

Peat smoky whiskey combination of bacon or smoked salmon.

Sherry cask whiskey combinations of char-grilled beef steaks.

rye whiskey combination duck stew type dishes.

02 day whisky combination seafood.

Whisky pairing principles are generally that several: the principle of similarity, the principle of diversity and the principle of unconventionality.

Therefore, many food and whisky pairing actually must be several times to try, because a thousand people, there will be no optimal combination.

For example, some sherry cask-aged whisky taste relatively thick, so suitable for heavy combination of red wine like braised leg of lamb, char-grilled beef and steak, etc., so as not to cover each other.

Japanese Wei taste smoother, dealing with Asian oral sensations, drink Japanese Wei when eating some of the heavier flavors of food but drowned the taste of alcohol, so Japanese Wei is suitable for the combination of seafood drinking.

03 nightclub whisky drink

Nightclub scenario is not quite suitable for expensive and complex single malt whisky, you want a drink that makes you quickly into the situation.

After all, it's the people and things around you that are the heart of the moment, so mix a blended whisky with green tea or cola and drink up!

Immediately you will be able to melt into that atmosphere.

This type of drinking is actually very popular in nightclubs, and is slowly gaining acceptance.

The famous whisky book "World Whisky Map", itcarpet and hard floor steam cleaner is written that there is a drink (Dewar's 12 years) combined with green tea is very good!

04 Cocktails in the bar

Professional bartender can be different styles of whisky characteristics of the cocktail in the most detail to show.

For example, heavy peat Islay whiskey, sweet and strong bourbon, etc. can reflect the distinctive taste of different whiskeys.

In the bar want to order some classic whiskeyKids21 cocktails, there are these can refer to the following.

Whiskey Sour, Manhattan Cocktail, Mint Julep, Irish Coffee, etc.

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