China unionpay credit card

Accelerate the transformation and upgrading of "online payment"

Since its establishment, UnionPay has China unionpay credit card guided people's habits from "cash transactions" to "card consumption" for more than ten years. "Offline POS machines" with UnionPay logos are also found in payment corners, becoming an important carrier to promote the development of offline payment. .

After 2005, as our Chinese enterprises entered an era of high-speed data with the rapid development of mobile Internet technology, the scene of "payment online" increased dramatically. UnionPay, which has close cooperation with many commercial banks and has a large user base, is also advancing with the times, and can make efforts online and offline at the same time, continue to accelerate social transformation and upgrading in the field of "online payment", and launch UnionPay online unified cashier, Continuously improve and deepen the construction of "online payment" scenarios, empower banks and merchants, and continue to effectively improve student user service experience, creating a new "online payment" model that is more convenient to use and shared by industry finance.

Building an "online payment" scenario

Empower multiple players

At present, because online payment products are still highly fungible, in most consumption scenarios, there is no big difference between users and merchants in which online payment products they choose. Therefore, the core of competition in the online payment industry is to gradually turn to the deepening and expansion of scene applications.

To this end, China UnionPay continues to extend the "online payment" scenario, enhance its competitiveness, and continue to build a mutually beneficial "online payment ecosystem" to better empower participants such as banks, merchants, and acquirers. At the same time, China UnionPay has formed a rich payment product system, bringing together the APPs of major banks, the Yunshan Payment APP and multiple mobile payments to provide users with more payment options. UnionPay's move enables bank APPs to share various merchant scenarios of "online payment" developed by UnionPay on the basis of the scenarios of "user transfer and balance check", which helps major banks to increase the activity of their APPs. At present, China Construction Bank, China Merchants Bank, Ping An Bank, China Everbright Bank, China CITIC Bank, China Guangfa Bank, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, and Industrial Bank have taken the lead in entering, and will complete the access to major commercial banks this year.

The value of UnionPay for enterprise online payment merchants is that it can be accessed through one point, so as to cover a wide range of user consumer groups. At present, my country's Jingdong Daojia (Dada), Himalaya, Duodian, Originally Life, NetEase Yanxuan, McDonald's, Hello Travel, Yonghui Life, Cao Cao Travel, Suning Tesco, Intra-city Travel, Tuniu Travel, Daily Fresh, More than 40 well-known brand merchants such as Yunji and Mogujie have been upgraded, and more market merchants are still being optimized and upgraded.

Additionally, for the acquirer, partnering with UnionPay means merchants can earn revenue by offering a comprehensive payment solution that supports multiple payment instruments.




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