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We often use Word Office at work, the following eight gods are using Word practical tips, learn to play Word efficiently.

1. Document split-screen control

Word document up and down through the control,convert scanned pdf to word online free most people will habitually use a mouse to scroll up and down, in fact, Word comes with a split-screen function, a working document management easily so as to realize the formation of the upper and lower control. Click [View], select [Split], than the traditional mouse to roll around, saving time and effort.

2. Batch adjustment of pictures

Add pictures in Word documents, if the size is not the same, the later also need to manually adjust, you can hold down the [Ctrl] key, batch select pictures, and then click [Format], adjust the picture width and height,scanned pdf to word converter online so that the picture looks more standardized.

3. Print the specified content

Word Printing will generally print the entire page,investintech free online pdf to word converter if you let you print the specified content, what to do? The correct method is to select the text to be printed, and then click [File] - [Print], select [Print Selected Content] is done.

4. Unlimited formatting brush

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After editing a good document, we will be on the font, font size, thickness, line spacing, etc. to do standardized processing, formatting brush is often used, but each use can only brush once, you can double-click the formatting brush, you can repeat the formatting of unlimited times, very suitable for use when typesetting.

5. Translate Word documents

After the work of the leadership suddenly let you translate the work documents, there is no computer, with the phone can be completed, open the translator, find the "text translation" function, upload the file can help you automatically translate, very quickly.

6. Delete header horizontal lines

Header display of the horizontal line very much affects the document aesthetics, it is not an insertion of the horizontal line, nor through the text of the underline, many people do not know how to delete their own. You as long as we select the text on the header line, select "no border", so that the header line disappears.

7. Find and Replace

When we check the revised article, you can "Find and Replace" tool, a key to achieve all the replacement. Press the shortcut key [Ctrl + F] to open the panel, select [Replace], enter the content of the search and replace the content, and then click [Replace All] can be.

8. Word to PDF

Work often need to convert the file format, especially Word documents need to be converted to PDF, more conducive to preservation, security is also higher. In fact, there is no need to convert the tool, click [File] ¡ú [Set As] ¡ú [Save As Type], directly change to PDF format.


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